A 27yr Italian Guy perception of Luxury


Wealth show-off, Splendor , Magnificence, Unnecessary and Uncontrolled Spending, Purchase and use of objects without a real utility at unbelievable prices with the only aim to Satisfy the Human Ambition and Vanity.

Is still this the perception of the word “LUXURY” for a 27yr Italian guy in 2017?

If the picture of the Bling Bling covered guy on a purple Lamborghini is still leading in the imaginary of ambitious people coming from new (and relatively new) countries, this is not happening anymore in Europe. And it is not a news.

Cultural differences and various economical and social trends brought a big share of Europeans to change their perception about the word “LUXURY” and their way to live it.

In a Community trying to overcome the economic and cultural crisis, the word “Austerity”  is always more at the center of our life, and it has been translated in “Minimalism” in the art and fashion languages.

This phenomenon did not lead to a banish of the Luxury, but to a radical change in the way the people interpret and live it maintaining its characteristic of exclusivity:

Emotions became more important than Objects.

Live and Experiment became more satisfying than Possess.

In a Romantic way, Europeans are coming back to the real meaning of the word Luxury that find its etymological base in the latin word Lux” <light, light of the life>.

We restart to Perceive Luxury as go through to every Experience that remind us how our Existence is Worthy of being Lived.



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