Not everyone know what there is beyond the prediction of a future trend. First of all, we have to understand that a trend is defined by relevant happenings, by scientific and medical discoveries, by the changes of society.
In order to collect and develop this informations, in 1985 Nelly Rodi was founded by a person of a strong personality and a visionary approach. The agency started to center its work using sociological analysis to define consulting services for new textiles.
For ten years, Nelly Rodi was the leader of trend forecast, but soon, with the born of other agencies, only few clients remained under its control.

In november 2013, the two biggest competitor in the trend forecasting industry, decided to join forces. WGSN, now the leader agency, acquired Stylesight.
The services that WGSN offers are immense, as immense as are their clients.
The result of the researches became essential for designers, stylists, buyers, merchandiser, strategists.
The agency not only provides accurate trend predictions defining future trends, materials and colours. It also know the future consumer with 2-5 years insight into emerging innovations.

Every six months, you can find the trend report with all the references, images and sources it refers to.
Each season, the macro trends provides a progression of the previous seasons themes.
For example the macro trend selected for SS15 was Focus, a reaction to virtual living. For AW 15/16 evolved in Everyday Utopias as emotion and connectivity inspiring a contemplative plan for enriching everyday life. In SS16, the emphasis on touch and sentiment continues with Soft Pop as a future based on equality, playfulness and feeling emerges.
Comparing the macro trends, we can find an evident connection in key colours, shapes and environment. Be ispired.


focuseveryday utopiassoft pop

“WGSN informs, inspires and keeps me moving always forward.”– Sarah Rutson,Fashion Director, Lane Crawford

“WGSN gives us confirmation of what’s going on in different markets and ensures that our products, sold in 120 countries, match the market need.” – Benetton Group

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