About Chiara

Hi, I’m Chiara and I am from a very nice city that is Brescia.


I am motivated, adaptable -I joined Boy scouts when I was 8 years old- and organized. I’m extremely meticulous and I am good at organising. In the past year I strengthened my arrangement skills when I helped my family arrange a move which needed a lot of work.

My critical thinking allowed me to write some reviews for the local cinema club, “Nuovo Mascherino”: I gave a lecture on some teen movies in front of a significant audience when I was only seventeen! I have also great skills in writing and I have written some reviews for a specialized magazine, located in Milan. Since I was very young, I have travelled a lot so I’m good at engaging with people from different countries and cultures.

During the winter I train my patience with hand-knitting; it is also excellent for concentration. I also love baking and cooking, which gives me so much pleasure.

To conclude, I practised artistic gymnastics for 7 years and for a few months I also work out on aerial silk.

I’ve recently obtained a bachelor degree in Media Studies with a multi-disciplinary thesis “Cupio dissolvi: la depressione nel cinema di Lars Von Trier” and now I am attending the full-time “International master in luxury management”.

Olfactory Paradise

Knot @ Corso Como 10

From Blood Type to Zodiac Signs

Luxury for me is


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