If you think about Rolex, which are the first associations that come to your mind? Undoubtedly accuracy, elegance, class, heritage, style, sophistication, tradition…

The partnership between Rolex and tennis dates back to 1978, when it became the “Official Timekeeper” of The Championships, Wimbledon the most popular, historical, epic and appealing tournament of the four Slams, simply the world’s most famous fortnight from more than a century.
What does the world’s leading Swiss watch company have to do with tennis? In fact, even more than you can imagine…
Tennis is always a matter of time, flair, precision, balance between strength and delicacy. Therefore this partnership is clearly driven by the same pursuit of excellence itself.

As if it wasn’t enough, Rolex has been able to do even better, as usual.
In 2006 the Swiss watchmaker brand signed a sponsorship with Roger Federer till 2016 for £ 10 million, which is thought to be the most profitable watch deal ever made with an athlete.

But why is Roger Federer such a perfect choice that fits Rolex to a tee?
For the ones who don’t know him (who?! hands up please…. no hands, thank God), he is the 34-year-old tennis legend, a living talent, called the best player of all time…..by the  best players of all time.

He is the holder of more than 300 weeks as World No.1 and the winner of 17 Gran Slam victories, a record-breaking feat that no one else in the history has ever achieved.
What makes Roger Federer so loved by the audience is his personality and flair, as well as his refined talent and style. A portrait of grace, artistry, elegance, he is the understatement in the flesh and an exemple of a real champion in sport and of a gentleman in life…and last but not least, he is Swiss.

It’s now way clear that this partnership between two national pride icons was meant to be.
No matter when he retires, Roger Federer will always be remembered as the one who made the history of his sport.

Rolex couldn’t find a better choice that fits with it’s own values and brand image of timeless and exceptional class that never fades out.

Roger Federer is a record-breaking man. His name will stand the test of time, just as Rolex does.








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