Meeting the Artist

On Tuesday 1 December, I attended the inauguration of the “IMAGO NON FUGIT” exhibition by Giampiero Bodino, at Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, in Milan.

Well, that Artist!

Giampiero Bodino, from Turin, has designed jewellery, watches and accessories for the top luxury and fashion brands since 1981. He is art director of the Richemont Group. He gives expression to his artistic research through his designing of luxury articles and painting. He created a contemporary High Jewellery Maison that celebrates Italy’s heritage.

The “Imago non fugit” exhibition (until January 17th), is hosted in a ideal site, as a place where both the artist and the house-museum stand out.                                                                             In the various rooms of the BAVA Casa, Bodino exhibits photographs, drawing on paper and oil on canvas, “capturing” the various objects and details of the house. He sees ancient art with modern eyes.                                                                                         I have been fascinated by Bodino’s ability to create “Art In Art” from antique design by utilising photography, and then transferring photography into drawing.
This kind of artist approach is extremely fascinating and can be consider as a communication tool that cultivate our mind.

Well, it’s human inclination being nostalgic in view of the past. Luxury do the same.Luxury has a tendency to look to the past. Luxury is about legitimacy to do something, in a excellent way. Legitimacy is a question of expertise. Expertise is about culture, craftsmanship is based on history but art is found on a vision. It’ s a question of past and future. Time is a key part of the luxury idea, now: something that makes memory speak.

Evolution, ensuring timelessness…

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