Always running deep in a continual coming and going, moving downtown and being on time has been always a big issue for the Milanesi and it’s going to be even more complicated during the next FW2016/17 Men Fashion Week, taking place between 15th and 19th January.

Milan as well as so many others big Italian cities has been lately involved in the traffic block caused by the high pollution levels.
Will the most relevant fashion houses take care of it and how would they deal3fb6a8f773adcad71f603ef3f1b0bd07 with it?

We are already familiar with some eco-use of textile, natural or recycled materials on the runways, but it’s not just about it;
A heightened sensibility is growing all over the world, shared by members of the Manifesto of Sustainability, in relation to the eco-toxicological issues, environmental protection, product safety and the protection of people’s health.
The focus is on dyeing processes to avoid polluting the water and on water saving in the manufacturing processes. There is awareness that you can create value beyond the profit.”
As we can understand from Mario Boselli speech (ex President of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana) one of the most crucial point nowadays is SUSTAINABILITY: the fine gap between ethic and eSthetic.

The solution: Let’s race from show to show in a chicer way, let’s create and embrace a real 360 eco-experience, from the raw materials and the processing techniques to our life style; on and off the runway.
Haling a taxi, calling your driver or click a Uber are nightmares to be forgot, let’s ride a customize bicycle or a very trendy and classic Vespa as our fav accessory.

It could be the perfect fit not only for models but also a smart way to survive the Men Fashion Week and live a greener City.


.  05-models-bikes-fashion-week-mingxi11Men-fashion-style-Bike-retro-hat-suit.jpg

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