Why Fondazione Prada is the place to be

In the last twenty years, more and more Italian luxury companies have been investing on foundations, places where art and fashion meet.

Different companies have developed the concept in different ways.
In my opinion, the most interesting example of this combination is Fondazione Prada, founded in 1993 by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli and completely renewed less than a year ago.
How is Fondazione Prada different from the others?




First of all, it is not just a museum. It is a cultural institution where art is explored in all its different shapes: figurative arts, architecture, literature, cinema and even philosophy. These fields coexist in order to create something unexpected, something you will actually think about.

As well as a place where your mind can be nurtured, it is also one of the coolest spots in town (and we know we all care about that).
If you are keen on arts or you just feel like having a good-looking breakfast, Fondazione Prada is the place to be.




It is a living and livable village. Apart from a few permanent installations, exhibitions are constantly changing under the supervision of the Thought Council, a curatorial organization whose members come from different fields of both art and science.
Fondazione Prada is an open structure where ideas keep flowing in a free way.

Silvia Gramegna

Credits:  www.vanityfair.it

Stickers Mania

Were the beginning of the 90’ s when our love was personified by Dylan McKain, every woman pretended to have Kelly Taylor’s wardrobe, Donna Martin’s body and Brenda Walsh’s style.

Were the 90’ s when girls had a stupid bangs, wore high waist levis jeans, oversize jackets and choker necklace.

Were the 90’s when in the United States , Stickers and Gadget by Lisa Frank were a sort of status symbol for each teenager.

Them extravagant, funny and sometimes kitch, were a sort of rebel status in that time.

Despite their rebel and fashion status they were always been used by our mothers to patched up our dropped trousers or t-shirt.

From the last fashion season they are powerfully be back in our heart, like a trend who nobody can not do without, a very funny way to customize precious things and transform a serie product in something that is so special and above all unique.

A tangible example is Anya Hindmarch, with her funny leather stickers and very particular bags, that bought out of mind a lot of fashion victim and influencer, like Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne and Chiara Ferragni.



The new collection includes very particular new pieces, like agendas, pencil case and skater shoes.

The price range is from 275£ for a pencil case to 1995 £ for a bag, so a very luxury way to be a 90’s rebel.

A lot of the pieces are already sold out in her web site www.anyahindmarch.com
And you?

Are you ready to left your chanel bag at home and go out with a stickers bag?


 Gessica Fontana


image credits: www.anyahidmarch.com, http://www.theblodesalad.com.


Barberino’s, a luxurious shave

How to be treated as Gentlemen in a town that is always running ?

In one of the most elegant street of Milan, Corso Magenta, you can have the memorable shave experience enjoying the beauty and the luxury value of private time. 

Barberino’s stops time and let you relive the refined atmosphere of a classic Italian Barber Shop.

The philosophy behind this classic boutique is to offer costumers a tailored service of understated luxury, rediscovering the gestures of the traditional men’s grooming experience.

Barberino 3 ( dettaglio trattamento).jpg

A sense of intimacy and peace welcomes the customers in Barberino’s world. Stepping in, everything diving you in a shaving  relaxing ritual and the focus will be only  the complete attention on your own experience.


Interior design expresses elegance and care.  Each elements of decor and the green tone of the boutique let you retrace to the feel of an ancient Italian Barber Shop of the early 20th century.

A unique characteristic are the armchairs handcrafted exclusively in Catania by Gioia, the most ancient barber-chairs workers active.


At last, why the name Barberino?  To discover the origins of this name we have to go back to 1910, when a young Italian gentleman, Giovanni Callegari, left Italy towards US. There he became a talented and famous barber, known as “Barberino”.

So, if you are looking for a timeless moment don’t hesitate to book your own luxurious shave.  it is the experience that every Man deserve!!!



Sources: http://www.barberinosworld.com



A Lesson of Exclusivity from the Cheapest Night-Club of Europe


In a market in which always more Luxury Night-Clubs maintain their status only thanks to their exclusivity, the link between the words “Luxury” and “Exclusive” seems to be unbreakable. If we already spoke about what is Luxury in 2016, could you be able to answer to the questions “What exclusivity is nowadays?”  and “How a Brand can create and maintain exclusivity?”

In the years all the most Exclusive Night-Clubs tried to create the Desire through stunning interiors, prohibitive prices policy, party promotion through bowed down media, guest-list of fashionable and rich people. All to create queues of common humans coming in to spend their only 50€ for 2 long-drinks with the illusion of partying with a multimillionaire or a star of the show-business.

Enter a caption

(Bar Room, Cavalli Club, Dubai)

The  $30 million cost of the interiors of Cavalli Club in Dubai, the 20.000$ minimum fee to sit on a table of the Pangea Club in Singapore or the dreamy guest-list full of Hollywood Stars of Avenue Club in NY are only few indicators of which are the drivers of exclusivity in this market.

But are we sure that luxury night-club are really the best in class in creating and maintaining the exclusivity gold halo?

In an ex powerhouse situated in the East-Berlin industrial district, find its place a Night-Club that had turned-down the rules behind the connection between Exclusivity and Luxury in the nightlife industry.

Born in 1998 as a Night-Club with strong Gay-Fetish imprint, Berghain Club become in the years one of the best underground night-club of the world, being able to recreate week-end after week-end a constant 2/3 hours queue of people with the only desire to exceed the selection and pass from the freezing  4 A.M Berlin cold to the internal warm and powerful vibe.

Enter a caption

(Particular of the Interior, Berghain Club, Berlin)


Iron, Concrete and Techno music elegantly mixed according to the rules of the industrial style, No shining interiors, No Prive, No Tables with Entreneuse, No Photos, No Videos, No Advertising, No Journalists, NO GUEST-LISTS, NO VIP PREFERENCE.

A Club that has been able in the years to remain anchored to his Heritage and his Values, don’t allowing to VIP like Britney Spears to pay the only 13€ entry-fee because “unfitting with the vibe of the club”.

The Club Exclusiveness is ingrained in the person of “Sven Marquardt”, historical bouncer of the German Night-Club, that with the dramatic features of a Dantesque character decides each night who has the right vibe to overcome the velvet rope. How Mr. Marquardt explained in many interviews, the selection is not based on social status, fame, sexuality, gender,  nationality, esthetic appearance or clothes, but only on the shining of the people eyes in front of the door.

Sven Marquardt

(Sven Marquardt, Berghain Club Bouncer, Photo credit: Handout)

So also with a Black Mastercard in your wallet, or you name printed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you will freeze in the long queue outside the club with curious, tourists, homosexual, heterosexual, techno lovers and normal people searching for strong emotions.

Let’s spend a minute thinking on for how many products, services or persons in this world is not still valid the sentence “Money can buy everything” ? Berghain selection process became so famous and iconic that on google.com is possible to find guides that try to explain all the tips about what to dress, how to act and the best hours to be selected.

(Sunday morning 5 A.M Queue, Berghain Club, Berlin)


There is really something romantic but also business oriented behind this policy, it is not only about creation of desire and sense of mystery. Every night Marquard protect and reinforce the Heritage of the Club and its exclusivity. Differently from the general trends of the Night-life industry, at Berghain exclusivity find his drivers not on prohibitive prices or limited entries and VIP policies, but in respect and love for diversity and social parity, passion for music as an art expression and endless care to the quality of each person experience.

People that superficially define Berghain Club as the “Superclub of sexy poors” (Danilo Taino, Corriere della Sera, 16 ottobre 2010) did not catch the essence of how this Night-Club approached the Night-Life Business: being disruptive and breaking the link between Luxury and Exclusivity.

Maybe is only due to the fact Mr. Marquardt do not let them overcome the velvet rope!


(Sources: http://www.berghain.de / http://www.cavalliclubdubai.com / Handout / )

From Blood Type to Zodiac Signs

Strange invisible Perfumes was created by Alexandra Balahoutis in 2000 with the conviction that high-end perfumes be made of authentic botanical essences. Alexandra is dedicated to the art of botanical perfumery and happily tormented by perfectionism: she lives in Venice, California close to the Strange Invisible Perfumes boutique.

Botanical perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis formulates each original fragrance with certified organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled essences. Hydro-distillation is a gentle immersion method that captures the complete aromatic profile of a plant, including the fine aroma chemicals that cannot be captured with steam distillation.

Alexandra Balahoutis created a very unique collection, Perfumes of the Zodiac.
Aries is The Innovator and his element is fire. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is able to make incredible things happen quickly. Hydro-distilled essences of cinnamon, rose, and angelica fuel a vibrant imagination. Frankincense, benzoin, lavender, and sandalwood cool fiery impulses, encouraging the composure needed to realize visionary plans.
Cancer is The Levelheaded Bohemian and his element is Water.
Cancer is the only sign of the zodiac ruled by the moon. While being adventurous and free spirited, those born under Cancer are known for their cleverness, generosity, and devotion to family. Mandarin, patchouli, and lily of the valley encourage Cancer’s mischievous sense of humor, while sumptuous notes of Tahitian vanilla, amber, and leather make this sign feel right at home.
Capricorn is The Force to Be Reckoned With and his element is Earth.
Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is famous for a nearly heroic sense of commitment, patience, and drive. Iris, frankincense, and Tahitian vanilla speak to Capricorn’s earthy, sensual side and strong need for stability. Neroli, jasmine, and white Cognac invite Capricorn to let go of routine and enjoy the rewards of spontaneity.

zodiac-capricorn-50ml_1Finally, Aquarius is The Rebel with a Cause and his element is Air.
Aquarius, the third and final air sign, is one of the most charismatic signs of the zodiac. Neroli and rosemary fuel Aquarius’s independence, intellect, and humanitarianism, urging Aquarians to put their global ideals into action. Lavender, white sage, and frankincense soothe anxiety, grounding Aquarius when airy detachment sets in.


On the other side there is Blood Concept, a one-of-a-kind fragrance, a declaration of identity. Giovanni Castelli, former fashion designer and photographer, with Antonio Zuddas, a copywriter, launched a quartet of four unique fragrances, one for each blood group. So you have A, B, 0 and AB. As the Blood Concept creators told “As perfume creators we’re intrigued by the fact that the scent you wear can reveal Freudian clues about you. Your smell is about instinct, identity, personality […]. Our concept is about declaring one’s identity and celebrating our relationship with Nature.”
Blood Concept fragrances don’t really smell like blood but each one does have a lingering metallic end note that made them a trademark.
Each fragrance represents a phase of human race’s evolution, so type 0 in animalic: leathery notes evoke animal skins and aromatic cypress, cedar and thyme. Type A has tomato leaf and anise, it captures all kind of greenness. B is a mixture of pret-à-porter notes like apple&cherry with a rich black tea accord by patchouli and cedarwood. Type AB is all about aldehydes, giving that so familiar smell after the rain.





Pictures from: https://www.siperfumes.com

Art vs. Luxury

  • It starts with one line.

Slowly and precisely, a tiny shape appears.

It’s the perfect connection between one end to another.

Only by choosing the right proportion will you get the typical style.

Modernity, creation and dynamic can only be made by the designing hand.

To me, luxury is about uniqueness. If its about fashion, everything starts with an idea, a pen and some paper.

Since the age of social media and blogging, a new generation of illustrators was born. Traditionally, artwork was more or less just the substitute for photography. Photos, over time, are everywhere, regarding advertisement, newspaper or magazine editorials. But what happens, if these digital world becomes too much? What is uniqueness nowadays?

Fashion illustration is the revival of real time art: hand done and unique.

It’s haute couture in a visual creation, expressing lifestyle, fashionability and beauty simply on paper.

Of course you can copy an artefact, like media photos are being shared everyday. But what about the feeling to own something, which is made just once?

It’s like a tailored dress: Only you can have it, wear it, and enjoy the unique moment in it. But let’s not forget about living in the reality, appreciating the moment to get inspired, impressed or motivated by looking at some artwork, seeing the imagination of an individual and its life philosophy.

Art creates luxury for your soul.


Images by Dodo: http://www.dvsdodo.com


Get inspired:

Fashion Illustration Gallery in London. ( http://www.fashionillustrationgallery.com )

Jed Root’s Illustrators ( http://www.jedroot.com/illustrators )

Jeanette Getrost ( http://jeanettegetrost.com )

Megan Morrison ( http://travelwritedraw.blogspot.de )

Golden Drink in Golden Age


Beer is one of the most ancient beverages known to men. Tracing it back to the early Neolithic, it evolved along with the human civilizations. Known as the “Liquid Bread” it has always been considered a poor drink. Made of water, hop, yeast and an add of malt, wheat or corn to differentiate one style to another. But times are changing and beer is getting a total new reputation.


Nowadays beer has the floor. Just think about our daily routine: a lot more people are drinking beer as consuming their meals both in the week-end or during the week. Beer is so seen as wine has always been: a great beverage for a great meal and to spend some time with the people you care for. That’s why finding a beer list in a restaurant is really common. It could be incorporated in the wine list or it could be on its own.

A new Italian phenomenon is Microbrewery. We count around 500 microbrewers in Italy and we are at the third place in Europe. They are independently owned and produce a small amount of craft beer. Quality, flavors and brewing techniques are the key point for this beer experience. We can taste the most amazing flavor experiments on beer. Tea, coffee, fruit, cereals, chocolate, whisky, and so on.

One of the 2015 trend has been food and beer pairing as it has always been for wine. Every food has a particular beer to be paired with. Something really amazing happened: a strong bond between beer and chefs. Today beer plays a key role in the culinary world. Always more and more recipes are based on beer.

A new personality is requested in the beer field: the famous Bier Sommelier. As the typical sommelier knows everything about wine, taste, pairings, a good bier sommelier is able to help you finding the right beer for you.

Thanks to this new job position we are able to taste a new cocktail-era: the beer cocktail. There is a cooperation between bartender and bier sommelier to create brand new flavors and to fit every customer need.

Maybe this beer-based cocktails and the pairing trend are getting famous because of the healthy effects of beer as it could safeguard your heart, boost your immunity system, protect your bones, help your digestion, and more on. According to northern Europe studies a moderate amount of beer could be put aside with balanced meals for a healthy diet.

Another growing trend is home-made beer. It’s extremely easy to find a beer brewing kit online and in a few days the magic can start. A lot of people are trying to explore this sector and they are getting passionate about beer and the world behind this drink.

There are also beers that are supposed – as wine – to taste better if they carry the year. Vintage beer is a new trend that is taking over the market but it’s still a niche. It’s very particular and the flavor changes depending on the year of production and the right storage conditions of the bottle.

Even if beer is the new wine, it remains the best socializing drink.

“If you love food, but you only know wine, then you’re trying to write a symphony using only half the notes and half the orchestra”. – Oliver Garrett


Milan can be considered a landmark for quality and elegance. Through a meticolous research you can find lots of pieces in which style is timeless and the time doesn’t age but become vintage.

First of all, what does vintage mean? The term “vintage” was originally derived from the dating of a bottle of wine, where the vintage date, or the date the grapes were grown, gives some added information about the value of the wine. If the vintage year was a good one for grapes, it indicates that this wine is of high quality.

This history of the term helps in understanding important ideas about the use of the term “vintage.” Just as it is used to refer to the exact year a certain wine was produced, it should, when buying and selling goods, be used in accordance with a date, or some other time frame, in its general usage.

If an item is said to be vintage, then, it should, technically state the year, or the era, in which it was manufactured. Sometimes, this type of dating of a vintage item is implied, as in when a manufacturer produced something that is highly praised for only one season. In this instance, the date is often left off because, just like in wine production, when a highly favorable crop is produced, those in the know don’t need the date, but simply adding “vintage” to it signifies that it was from that one really great year. For many items, “vintage” used in this way refers to the year or era that the item first became popular.

There are lots of vintage shops in Milan but someone can be more interesting than others

Arabesque, Largo Augusto 10 (www.larabesque.net);

Cavalli e Nastri, via Brera, 2 / via Giangiacomo Mora, 12 (www.cavallienastri.com);

Gioielleria Vintage via Boccaccio, 14 (www.gioielleriavintage.com);

Franco Jacassi via G.Sacchi, 3 (www.vintagedeliriumfj.com);

In each of these you can find jewellery, watches, bags, dresses and also design things from Twenties and why not a bistrot, just to refresh yourself during the research.



There go the real noble families, that want to “make a deal” , thay can aspire to pay an item 10,000 euro when in fact it costs 30,000 euro.

Can vintage be considered luxury? Yes, vintage and luxury build up a permanent duo. They are not for everybody, but for those who wants to buy something different with a special history. Vintage means timeless and unique that don’t follow trends.


When someone thinks about “tattoo” it can be related to transgression, rebellion or exhibitionism. Its origin actually is completely unlinked to these concepts. Tattoos were used by Amazonian’s Indian tribes as a symbol of culture, religion or to represent their social position in the community. Now it’s becoming a trend, especially for young people that used tattoos as an expression of their strong personalities. It is a sign that not only adorn bodies but speaks about our lives, our wishes, values and insecurities. The price that a tattooed person spends is not only related to money but also to the pain. Get tattoos means also suffering and this is the main aspect; immortalize on our body something, an experience or a period, that has marked our life forever.

Here are some of the Italian tattoo artists famous all over the world, considered gurus in the panorama of the country and of course ones of my favourites.

Marco Manzo is the pioneer of the ornamental style, tribal and 3D style. He has introduced the Tattoo in the conception of Contemporary Art since (Tattoo d’Haute Couture). Some of his works were exhibited in museums like Moma in New York, Gagosian Gallery and MAXXI in Rome.

Pietro Sedda has a very personal and particular style with influences of classical painting, surrealism and oriental painting. Its works are mainly men’s and women’s faces filled with geometric shapes or figures inspired by the sea.

Miss Arianna (Arianna Seth) one of the ten best-known tattoo artists in the world with “a line clean and clear”, as she defines her works. Miss Arianna is near the “old” style, so the traditional one. She is invited in different convention all over the world.


And the last but not the least is Amanda Toy. She has a very unconventional way of express her art. It is a sort of modern take on “old school”, using bright colours, mixed with a pop culture.

All of these personalities are very well known and people come from all over the world in their studios to let them tattoo on their skins. They have a huge waiting list and creation process is not so slow. Off course prices depend on the tattoo size and on the amount of work spent on it. Marco Manzo said that the time required to complete one of his tattoos on the back, depends on the pain threshold of his client, but can take from 35 to 100 hours.

The works of these artists are considered real and unique artwork created specifically for the body of their clients using the best instruments at the top of safety and hygiene.

I must mention also a new frontier of tattoo, invented by Nobuhiko Akatsuka in 2006, that is the “temporary tattoo”. They are made by gold and platinum and are very thin sheets of these precious metals at 99, 99%, and 24k gold. This invention, for someone, shouldn’t be related to tattoos. It’s a decoration that everyone can simply apply on its body and especially it is temporary.

“A tattoo is forever” and the Italian artists that I mentioned are some of the reasons why I consider tattoos as a form of art.

Having a tattoo done by these artists is truly a luxury!

Cover Picture: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/17/tattoo-history_n_4957215.html

Looking at luxury from a horse point of view

In the Greek and Roman history the ability of riding horses was a sign of added value in the society. Decorating horses with precious rein and saddle was a kind of identity sign of richness and importance in terms of status.

After years and cultural changes “horses” have kept strong their relation with the luxury world becoming more and more a way of communicate the uniqueness of Luxury brands. Rolex, for istance, since 1957 has been involved in the sponsorship of the German equestrian event Chio di Aachen which started with the sponsorship of the cavalier Pat Smythe.
Gianpaolo Marini, CEO of Rolex Italia, explained in an interview how fundamental is to invest in a diversified communication in line with the uniqueness and with the exclusivity of the brand.  People want to be part of a timeless experience made up of the coexistence of more exclusive moments.

Keep communicating a coherent set of values throughout exclusive events which includes the combination of Luxury and Horses is more and more perceived as an exclusive shared experience.

Luxury Lounging at the Airport

Today, there are more travelers than ever before and airports can become a nightmare, even for the calmest of travelers. Why give up on comfort?
The world’s best airlines have designed luxury airport lounges for their premium passengers.
Take a relaxing bath and get a massage after sending your boss the weekly report. Peacefully enjoy a wine tasting while your tire-less kids are having fun in the playroom. These are possible… While you’re at the airport waiting for your connecting flight to any major city.
There are several ways to access the lounges: by purchasing an annual or lifetime membership (in Australia, Canada, US), with a frequent flyer card (mostly in Europe), or using credit cards that offer Premium Access such as American Express, Chase, Citi and Diners Club.
Relax before departure in an elegant and quiet place where you can find everything from private gourmet experiences, spa treatments, saunas, unlimited wifi, iPads, game rooms, a gym, a billiards table, cigar lounge and so much more. A private chaffeur will drive you to the aircraft in a Porsche.
Turning a business trip into a mini-vacation has never being that easy.
Here’s my top 10:

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Christmas trees wear luxury

What are the main trends for Christmas 2015?
As usual the most luxurious fashion houses try to introduce new and unique Christmas decorations that can add a special and a particular value to your tree.
Perfect as a customized gift as well as for yourself, so many different festive ornaments are introduced this year: from jasper bubles to crystal snowflakes.

Add sparkle to your Christmas tree.
                                                                                                                                                                    Hèrmes offers Samarcande en Fête, a Christmas decoration that you can hang either on your tree or to give the touch of class to your fireplace. All made of precious lacquered wood by hand with silk cord, proposed both in orange and vanilla .
The French fashion house also suggests a line of boule de Noel Lift, the fiberglass Christmas ball  lacquered by hand in different colors with a buffalo horn pendant and a patterned silk cord.

Interesting is the concept that Wedgwood wants to introduce with its line.
The Ireland-based luxury brand aspires to create a magic atmosphere around “these exquisite decorations, that can be brought out year after year and passed from generation to generation.” A wide variety of precious adornments: from porcelain balls with some Christmas figures in relief from the Eighteen century to silver stars or snowflakes.

Not only on the tree, but also to dress the table. Baccarat wish to create and surround you with the real Christmas spirit. Little angels, balls and crystal trees find their harmony with extraordinary red and clear candelabra, the core of the world’s finest crystal brand.

For the most glamorous, the Lanvin bauble with its Alber Elbaz designer illustrations and porcelain finish are perfect. Topped with a balck or red grosgrain ribbon, this ornament will usher in the festive season with charming delight.




Happy Birthday Ferragamo!


A magic collection, that wants to seduce women and keep divas dreaming. A unique capsule collection with a colourful mood and a play on materials. Lightness, softness and a strong connection with the history of the brand; Salvatore Ferragamo.

To celebrate its hundredth anniversary the Fashion House decided to give an exquisite gift to itself, introducing for the first time special shoes by a talented and young designer.

That’s the precious line by Edgardo Osorio, the founder of Aquazzura, a luxurious shoes brand born in 2011.

Striking the perfect balance between modern design and impeccable craftsmanship, Edgardo creates stylish yet wearable footwear for the modern woman.” These 12 pieces express in an elegant and vibrant explosion right these values.LSA92_Aquazzura

His love and his source of inspiration are very evident: European luxury tradition and in particular the Italian one; with its xOnPedder Edgardo Osorio_0meticulous attention to details, the best harmony between quality and design, and in conclusion the signature of the designer who sew shoes with his precious string made of artisanal passion.

A colourful shoes’ world full of style and heritage made for everyday life.


Sales, Sales, Sales.. get ready!


One of the two official annual sales periods in Italy starts right now. Have you saved some money?

If You believe in miracles, this is your moment.Cross your fingers and deep yourself into the crowd of those who love sales.

Sales usually last one month in our country, but the best selection is during the first days. If you have played your cards correctly, you have already been window shopping for your favorite brands in those exclusive boutiques in the Quadrialatero della Moda.

If, instead, you are skeptic, go for a walk in the heart of the city, have a look at the shop windows, sigh, and continue dreaming. In this case you won’t be disappointed.

Why? Luxury, the real one, from an astonishing Chanel pochette, to an unapproachable Monclet quilted jacket, to a Loubutin heel pair of shoes worn from international celebrities, will continue to be sold at their maximum price. Better giving up as soon as possible instead of fruitlessly deceive. French brands, owned by LVMH or Kering, most of the times don’t go on sale. It’s Louis Vuittons or Chanel policy. What they do is giving their attached clients a chance to seat at their fashion shows. Some would say that this is better than having a discount. What do you think ?

Unfortunately, the conception of item of clothing worn ONLY during winter season, and that for this reason should go on sale at the end of the season, doesn’t bear here.

Even though everyone criticize this, the right philosophy of the brand is testified from the long queues at the outside of the door shops. Who doesn’t do sale, usually, don’t need to, because during recession periods they continue selling and selling.

The interesting aspect of this, is that most of the times, the real occasions are found in multibrand shops, which sell luxury famous products. But be careful, because sometimes you really need an incredible sniff that helps you to distinguish products of this year from the ones of the past collections. Don’t forget to stop at your favorite local shops too, for their special promotional items. Wherever you go, however, examine the merchandise carefully. If it looks too good to be true, it might not be such a bargain.

Your next chance for renewing your summer wardrobe at great prices will be the first Saturday of July, so plan ahead.



A 27yr Italian Guy perception of Luxury


Wealth show-off, Splendor , Magnificence, Unnecessary and Uncontrolled Spending, Purchase and use of objects without a real utility at unbelievable prices with the only aim to Satisfy the Human Ambition and Vanity.

Is still this the perception of the word “LUXURY” for a 27yr Italian guy in 2017?

If the picture of the Bling Bling covered guy on a purple Lamborghini is still leading in the imaginary of ambitious people coming from new (and relatively new) countries, this is not happening anymore in Europe. And it is not a news.

Cultural differences and various economical and social trends brought a big share of Europeans to change their perception about the word “LUXURY” and their way to live it.

In a Community trying to overcome the economic and cultural crisis, the word “Austerity”  is always more at the center of our life, and it has been translated in “Minimalism” in the art and fashion languages.

This phenomenon did not lead to a banish of the Luxury, but to a radical change in the way the people interpret and live it maintaining its characteristic of exclusivity:

Emotions became more important than Objects.

Live and Experiment became more satisfying than Possess.

In a Romantic way, Europeans are coming back to the real meaning of the word Luxury that find its etymological base in the latin word Lux” <light, light of the life>.

We restart to Perceive Luxury as go through to every Experience that remind us how our Existence is Worthy of being Lived.


Beyond a trend

Not everyone know what there is beyond the prediction of a future trend. First of all, we have to understand that a trend is defined by relevant happenings, by scientific and medical discoveries, by the changes of society.
In order to collect and develop this informations, in 1985 Nelly Rodi was founded by a person of a strong personality and a visionary approach. The agency started to center its work using sociological analysis to define consulting services for new textiles.
For ten years, Nelly Rodi was the leader of trend forecast, but soon, with the born of other agencies, only few clients remained under its control.

In november 2013, the two biggest competitor in the trend forecasting industry, decided to join forces. WGSN, now the leader agency, acquired Stylesight.
The services that WGSN offers are immense, as immense as are their clients.
The result of the researches became essential for designers, stylists, buyers, merchandiser, strategists.
The agency not only provides accurate trend predictions defining future trends, materials and colours. It also know the future consumer with 2-5 years insight into emerging innovations.

Every six months, you can find the trend report with all the references, images and sources it refers to.
Each season, the macro trends provides a progression of the previous seasons themes.
For example the macro trend selected for SS15 was Focus, a reaction to virtual living. For AW 15/16 evolved in Everyday Utopias as emotion and connectivity inspiring a contemplative plan for enriching everyday life. In SS16, the emphasis on touch and sentiment continues with Soft Pop as a future based on equality, playfulness and feeling emerges.
Comparing the macro trends, we can find an evident connection in key colours, shapes and environment. Be ispired.


focuseveryday utopiassoft pop

“WGSN informs, inspires and keeps me moving always forward.”– Sarah Rutson,Fashion Director, Lane Crawford

“WGSN gives us confirmation of what’s going on in different markets and ensures that our products, sold in 120 countries, match the market need.” – Benetton Group



Luxury for me

What is luxury to me?
Walking until I get lost.
Reading Pavese laying on the couch, with my feet dangling.
Watching my lover making dinner instead of watching TV.

Time is luxury. As a restless person, I recognize the importance of the most valuable good we own. The world goes fast, and that’s exciting, but what a pleasure it is to just slow down and stop obsessing about wasting time. Breathe in, breathe out.

People are luxury. They are the most incredible show we could ever attend. It always amazes me how every single human being can reveal a whole world within themselves, if we just let them. An open mind is the best gift we can give ourselves.

Authenticity is luxury. This means a lot of things: quality, reliability, care. Most of all, to me it means truth. Being real is the most luxurious thing I can think of. Truth is what beauty really looks like to me.

Credits: Les amours imaginaires, Xavier Dolan, 2010


Well.. What is luxury for me?

Luxury is a very difficoult word to precisely describe, everyone has a different vision of it.

According to me, luxury represent a way of being, living and seeing things. Luxury is taking the best  from every experience and discovering the beauties in everything, also in little things, as for example drinking a beer with friends or walking through Milan and find out all the old buildings.

Then I see luxury as an experience, an unique and timeless one.  It concern all the emotions that you could fell thanks to a product or an experience.

When I think about luxury I also think about Italy and all our beauties and culture. One of the reason I would like to work for a luxury company is that I would like to help  my country to improve and become a better place, thanks to my knowledge and passion.


Hi everyone!

My name is Alessandro Aldeghi, I am 23  years old and I’m from a very very very… very small village in the heart of Brianza, called Sirtori.

I studied Public Relations and Corporate Communication at IULM University here in Milan, and then I’ve decided to apply the second International Luxury Management Master in order to develop my passion for the luxury world in a practical way.

I consider myself a very open guy with an incredible desire of experience and learn new things. I believe that everyone has something to teach, so I always try to take some tips or hint from every person I meet.



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What is luxury for me?

Luxury is a concept that belongs to everyone in a very different way.
During my day I perceive luxury in a wide range of concepts. Sometimes is only about a coffee, sometimes is about spending my time with my family, sometimes is a slice of parmigiana or sometimes I will kill in order to have a bag.
Luxury is quality and experience and of course Iʼm not referring only to bags but also about the parmigiana.

About Giulia

Who is Giulia?

I am a 23 years old Sicilian fashion stylist, driven by passion and curiosity.

What did she study?

I graduated with honours in Fashion Styling course at Istituto Marangoni.

What she really love?

I love reading the biography of the fashion houses founders, to really understand when and how everything began.

Why is she attending the Master in International Luxury Management?

I am here to improve my knowledge. I want to approach also the boring economic aspect of the fashion industry.

When she will see her in 10 years?

Maybe in Prada’s backstage?








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