Inspirational… Luxury!

di Iside Pellegrino

… Today we have so many different perceptions of Luxury!

It’s like Luxury itself has grown through times and times giving us the possibility to approach a very mature concept of that.

Differently from the past, now it has the ability to go deeply over the things and over the life generally, spacing, discovering and going beyond of a “classic” concept of luxury world based on the standard mix of the market: price, place, product, promotion!

Today Luxury is variety, differentiation.

It’s everything and no where.

Luxury is where anyone can catch a meaning.

A object, a place, an experience, an emotion.

The expression of one’s being, an indirect as interpretable message of a story.

But…how can you really define a concept that is borderless ? Luxury needs to be find, it is an exhausting research.

Different contexts, different people, different times will give several meanings, interpretations and infinity thoughts ; probably most of them will clash and contradict each others.

Luxury for me is a personal research that will never end! A research that drump up new research… Desire that inspires new and stronger desire!

Luxury needs to be created and We are the only one that can create our own concept of that. So lets go deeper in this unpredictable trip!


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