Hi to everybody! Welcome to the world, namely, Luxury Management Blog!!

My name is Lucrezia Livelli, 26 years old, although I looks like 20 years old, to tell the truth!

I have been studying Economy and Finance at University of Pavia for 5 years.

Now I am attending a postgraduate course at the Sole24Ore Business School, namely a master on Luxury Management that I consider as an investment for my future and an opportunity to meet interesting people with whom I can have a very proactive dialectic, upgrade my educational background and then identify better a business sector to begin my working career.

Foto del 10-08-12 alle 17.16Here you can see my picture through which I would  transmit you an idea of who I am, i.e. a modern girl that loves all that is emotional and makes me feel alive and with a touch of allure.

I am really fond of music. I really like the fresh air, the sun, the wind blowing through my hairs, at the same time, wearing luxury apparel.

Luxury is something that affects me and causes me emotions and remind me old memories of my childhood especially when touching items as soft as fur or suede…



Bacaro is the New Venetian Luxury

The Future Of Made-to-Measure

Sacs Marine Meets Coppoletta Design

Le Club55, Une Legende

Olfactory Paradise

Tuscany Luxury Linen

Wearing Light Dresses

Four Season Fur

Key Part of Luxury For Me







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