DSC_0004I hate presenting my self because most of the times I forget important tips to add to my profile. Probably writing it down, will be more useful. So, let’s start.

I’m Silvia Salgarella, I’m 24 years old and I come from Gattinara, a small village near Biella. I’ve lived for fourteen years in Nigeria, where my father is still working as director for a building company. I moved back to Italy for starting my second school. Finished that I came in Milan where I first studied at Iulm, and then at Universitá Statale. My background is on communication and advertising field. It’s since six years now that I’m based in this wonderful city. I’ll tell you a little secret: at the beginning I really hated Milan. You’ll probably ask yourself WHY.. I hated it because it was really freaky and chaotic. I couldn’t imagine my self in it, but after some while I started loving it because I realized that it can offer you lots of opportunities, lots of experiences, and different alternatives.

So, here I am. I recently started a new adventure. I’m attending an MBA in Luxury Management at sole 24h business school. And, well, it’s one of the most amazing experience I have ever had. We’ll analyze all the aspects of luxury, from fashion to food and wine, stressing the importance of our made in Italy, and analyzing the different strategic actions to take in this field. It’s really a stimulating ambience.

I’ve never had serious working experiences. I’ve always focused on my studies, and on Saturdays I’m challenging my self giving Italian and maths lesson to some children. I held activities is the Oratory of my birth town, but this was just for fun.

If I could use an adjective for describing my self I would say: SMILING. It’s nice taking life in a positive way, smiling and being available in discovering and learn new things.

Here is my Linkedin profile:



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