I have always believed that luxury was strongly related to all kind of expensive goods. You know, products produced from an important company, with high prices, famous labels and a notorious brand. But are we really sure that there isn’t another meaning of the word Luxury?

Considering fashion, which is the field in which I’d really love to work in, what’s luxury? Where can we find luxury? In my opinion there are some brands which are really luxurious. Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta. But what I consider luxury in this brands it’s not only the price which they have. The most important element is the tradition. We are talking of brands which have grown in these years because based on an history, a story that has been the roots of a company. Each of us gets fascinated from the tradition and the love that producer dedicate to their job. We love the way important brands treat us, the way the let us feel comfortable with their products, the way they let us feel special. It’s exactly the way we feel with our family: we love to be cured from our parents, we love to feel cuddled, to feel protected.

So, my question is: how can we join this two aspects together? Family is a luxury, and fashion and other segment have luxury elements. But, in my opinion, LUXURY it’s somethings that depends mainly on what we feel and on the importance that we give to it. Let me explain: everyone has a different view of luxury. I could consider something really important because it involves my past experience, because it left a sign in my life, because it changed something in my being. But this couldn’t be the same for others. We all agree on the fact that an expensive bottle of wine it’s a luxury one, or that a Rolex watch it’s as well a luxury one. Or, let me think, an amazing journey in a wonderful island could be as well a luxury vacation. But what about all that people who can’t afford to have anything of this?? They will consider luxury a normal bottle of wine, a normal watch, and a normal visit to Milan. Or, maybe, they won’t even care about it: they will consider a real luxury staying home, with their relatives, drinking some orange juice.

Luxury it’s s personal value, could guess saying UNTOUCHABLE. We could study books and books explaining the real origin of the world, but at the end each of us will have its own view about it.

The only point that probably will be common in each of us concerns TIME. Time is a luxury. Have the time to do our activities, to have fun, to enjoy life, to create and solve problem, to discover the world, to get cultured. And whenever will have some free time to do what we really like to, we should say “Yes…this is the biggest luxury I could ask for”. So, enjoy your life 🙂

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