My perception of Luxury

It’s easy to find a proper idea about luxury when walking around Milan. Shopping lanes are catwalks where everybody can show his/her status or style just by wearing something particular or shopping in an exclusive store. Luxury is not just the way you dress up when you hang out. Luxury is the experience itself. It’s a day spent with your friends walking around the city. It’s about how a brand makes you feel. How you can best express yourself, even the deepest and most hidden part of your personality. It’s a way to feel like being part of something bigger than you. When I hear the word Luxury I think about “extended self” because I believe that it’s part of your personality and an extension of your lifestyle. You can’t avoid telling something about you. Your status, your ideas, opinions, personality, interests, values and the perception you have about life. Luxury is uniqueness, it’s a feeling, it’s the thrill of life, it’s what you communicate.


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