Luxury for me

Luxury is a very complex concept. For most of the people it has a negative connotation because it represents excess and ostentation.

For me “luxury” means high quality in order to guarantee to the consumers the best performance from the product/service and the higher satisfaction. It means exclusivity and creativity. It is something related to the uniqueness not only of material goods but also of experiences. “Luxury” is the capability to enjoy every single moment at the best. It is something timeless and unforgettable.

“Luxury” in my opinion, could be a day spent with my family and friends without schedules, deadlines and diets. Eating, drinking and laughing. Having fun, playing volleyball on a green English grass and win!

Being yourself at 100% every day and every time…  It doesn’t mean always expensive but could be and intend also richness of soul.

In the end I think that “luxury” is a very personal and subjective idea connected not only to business and economy but also to lifestyle.


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