Creativity, lifestyle and philosophy – to me, this is my passion and this is what I dedicate my life to. I like to take inspiration from everything!

I am Donata from Germany, 24 years old and just arrived from lovely England. My journey into luxury and fashion started as far back as early childhood, being exposed to a variety of art exhibitions and styles. 

After my A levels I studied Fashion-Textile-Management at JAK Academy in Hamburg, which gave me the right amount of knowledge in economics, marketing and design to be prepared to start in my own way.

My internship for Luxury Living/ Forlì last year was a key experience in defining my personal leader of tradition, sophistication and exclusive luxury: Italy.

So after my graduation in March, a short escape to England and already being a fashion illustrator aside, I’m back in Milan now with one simple mission:

To inspire others with my fascination of luxury and management. This ties in with my own philosophy, which is: love what you do. Passion drives everything.



LUXURY to me

Art vs. Luxury

VISIONARY for life

Art studio 2.0: The catwalk






Images by Dodó:

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