Luxury for me

What does means luxury to me?

It’s an hard question to give an answer.

During those years I’ve always been charmed by luxury world, I’ve always desired to walk down the streets of Manhattan in my Manolo with a beautiful Hermes bag,going to my beautiful apartment in 5th ave, living a perfect Sex and the City life, as Carrie Bradshaw always imprinted to me since I was only 16.


When you grow up, you have to left your Manolo dream… and fight with the real life…that is a small village near Naples surrounded by people who desire to reach a job, who desire to improve themselves, who desire to travel….or just having a quality life.

You have to fight with the prejudice, with the preconception, with the corruption and the injury led by the evil and envy ,dictated by the society you live in.

When you grow up, you had to research a new key word to define what LUXURY mean…

….it doesn’t mean what Carrie and Samantha imprinted to you for 10 season…but it can mean FREEDOM

the freedom to be yourself, the freedom to dress like you want, the freedom to be outside from the SOCIETY rules….the freedom to be not stereotype,the freedom to be outside by the cage you are forced to live in.

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