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di Iside Pellegrino

… Today we have so many different perceptions of Luxury!

It’s like Luxury itself has grown through times and times giving us the possibility to approach a very mature concept of that.

Differently from the past, now it has the ability to go deeply over the things and over the life generally, spacing, discovering and going beyond of a “classic” concept of luxury world based on the standard mix of the market: price, place, product, promotion!

Today Luxury is variety, differentiation.

It’s everything and no where.

Luxury is where anyone can catch a meaning.

A object, a place, an experience, an emotion.

The expression of one’s being, an indirect as interpretable message of a story.

But…how can you really define a concept that is borderless ? Luxury needs to be find, it is an exhausting research.

Different contexts, different people, different times will give several meanings, interpretations and infinity thoughts ; probably most of them will clash and contradict each others.

Luxury for me is a personal research that will never end! A research that drump up new research… Desire that inspires new and stronger desire!

Luxury needs to be created and We are the only one that can create our own concept of that. So lets go deeper in this unpredictable trip!


About Lucrezia Livelli

Hi to everybody! Welcome to the world, namely, Luxury Management Blog!!

My name is Lucrezia Livelli, 26 years old, although I looks like 20 years old, to tell the truth!

I have been studying Economy and Finance at University of Pavia for 5 years.

Now I am attending a postgraduate course at the Sole24Ore Business School, namely a master on Luxury Management that I consider as an investment for my future and an opportunity to meet interesting people with whom I can have a very proactive dialectic, upgrade my educational background and then identify better a business sector to begin my working career.

Foto del 10-08-12 alle 17.16Here you can see my picture through which I would  transmit you an idea of who I am, i.e. a modern girl that loves all that is emotional and makes me feel alive and with a touch of allure.

I am really fond of music. I really like the fresh air, the sun, the wind blowing through my hairs, at the same time, wearing luxury apparel.

Luxury is something that affects me and causes me emotions and remind me old memories of my childhood especially when touching items as soft as fur or suede…



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Key Part of Luxury For Me








I have always believed that luxury was strongly related to all kind of expensive goods. You know, products produced from an important company, with high prices, famous labels and a notorious brand. But are we really sure that there isn’t another meaning of the word Luxury?

Considering fashion, which is the field in which I’d really love to work in, what’s luxury? Where can we find luxury? In my opinion there are some brands which are really luxurious. Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta. But what I consider luxury in this brands it’s not only the price which they have. The most important element is the tradition. We are talking of brands which have grown in these years because based on an history, a story that has been the roots of a company. Each of us gets fascinated from the tradition and the love that producer dedicate to their job. We love the way important brands treat us, the way the let us feel comfortable with their products, the way they let us feel special. It’s exactly the way we feel with our family: we love to be cured from our parents, we love to feel cuddled, to feel protected.

So, my question is: how can we join this two aspects together? Family is a luxury, and fashion and other segment have luxury elements. But, in my opinion, LUXURY it’s somethings that depends mainly on what we feel and on the importance that we give to it. Let me explain: everyone has a different view of luxury. I could consider something really important because it involves my past experience, because it left a sign in my life, because it changed something in my being. But this couldn’t be the same for others. We all agree on the fact that an expensive bottle of wine it’s a luxury one, or that a Rolex watch it’s as well a luxury one. Or, let me think, an amazing journey in a wonderful island could be as well a luxury vacation. But what about all that people who can’t afford to have anything of this?? They will consider luxury a normal bottle of wine, a normal watch, and a normal visit to Milan. Or, maybe, they won’t even care about it: they will consider a real luxury staying home, with their relatives, drinking some orange juice.

Luxury it’s s personal value, could guess saying UNTOUCHABLE. We could study books and books explaining the real origin of the world, but at the end each of us will have its own view about it.

The only point that probably will be common in each of us concerns TIME. Time is a luxury. Have the time to do our activities, to have fun, to enjoy life, to create and solve problem, to discover the world, to get cultured. And whenever will have some free time to do what we really like to, we should say “Yes…this is the biggest luxury I could ask for”. So, enjoy your life 🙂

Luxury for Me

To me Luxury means freedom in living my quality time, an unlimited time I can spend doing what I love the most. Anywhere, anytime.

It’s a unique experience, not necessarily fancy, but authentic: a smile, a landscape, a taste, a particular sound or even a silence of a moment I will never forget.

Luxury is highly related to my idea of journey: discovering and learning from the people I meet and the places I see. Getting lost and enjoy each and every experience from the big city to the middle of the jungle.

The feeling of being overwhelmed by Beauty and being part of it.


About Lavinia

My name is Lavinia Bona.

24 years old, I studied Foreign Languages and Business at the Catholic University of Milan.

Born Milanese, I am a traveler by choice. Being very determined, I’m always looking for challenges to push myself beyond my limits. I started backpacking alone when I was 19 and since then I never stopped. Solo traveling changed my life. I love to learn about different cultures and write about my adventures around the world in my personal blog.

Besides my passion for hospitality I am interested in jewelry and textiles. I chose the International Master in Luxury Management to improve my knowledge of Marketing and Communication in the luxury world.


Here you can find my articles:

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Schermata 2015-12-16 a 17.19.23.png


Luxury for me

Luxury is a very complex concept. For most of the people it has a negative connotation because it represents excess and ostentation.

For me “luxury” means high quality in order to guarantee to the consumers the best performance from the product/service and the higher satisfaction. It means exclusivity and creativity. It is something related to the uniqueness not only of material goods but also of experiences. “Luxury” is the capability to enjoy every single moment at the best. It is something timeless and unforgettable.

“Luxury” in my opinion, could be a day spent with my family and friends without schedules, deadlines and diets. Eating, drinking and laughing. Having fun, playing volleyball on a green English grass and win!

Being yourself at 100% every day and every time…  It doesn’t mean always expensive but could be and intend also richness of soul.

In the end I think that “luxury” is a very personal and subjective idea connected not only to business and economy but also to lifestyle.

what luxury is to me…

It might seem easy to say what luxury is, but it’s not so…

Luxury is something personal, could be an object,  an experience or even a memory. I would say luxury is a feeling, an unforgettable one. No matter where it comes from, a bag, a glass of wine, a jewel, a candlelight dinner, a travel faraway, an indelible memory, it’s something that touches you deeply because it really makes you feel happy… on cloud nine.

As for me, real luxury is something priceless, that you can’t even buy or pay for..  Time, because it runs so fast, because today is already tomorrow and sometimes one second is just like forever… and love, because there’s nothing strongest in this world; it’s not supposed to be simple but it’s supposed to be worth it.


About Nastasia

My name is Nastasia Flaviani and I am 23 years old. I am from Rieti and I have studied at “La Sapienza” University in Rome, where I completed a bachelor degree in Economics, Management and Finance.

During my academic career I have tried to combine my love for sports with some professional experiences, from PR to babysitting. I’m a very active person with a dynamic and competitive spirit.

I choose to attend the “2ˆ International Master Luxury Management” at  “ 24ORE Business School” because I think that this course will certainly empower the analytical and strategic abilities I need to achieve to pursue my objective in one of the most important aspect of Italian excellence.

Linkedin Profile: Nastasia Flaviani



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Italy has always been a symbol of excellence, quality and luxury since the time of the first trade, when Genoa, Milan, Venice and Naples were the major ports for the exchange of luxorius raw materials like silk and gems.

Therefore I would like to broaden my knowledge on the subject and all of my effort in achieving and practicing the managerial skills necessary to become a part of a great luxury brand where I can keep learning and hopefully become a researcher of emerging trends in order to keep following the development of this fascinating world.

About it to defend the Italian record that still internationally is relied upon by major fashion brands.

So, Luxury is based on quality, exclusivity, craftsmanship but also something that you can customize to be cool. Sure, you can buy them, but it is also something that you can’t buy.

“Take your time” this is the best one that you can desire.


I’m Giulia Guglielmi, I’m 27 years old but I feel like 18.

I come from Borgosesia, a little town in the north of Italy. I gradueted at “Università degli Studi di Pavia” in law and then I decided to attend my Master in International Luxury Management at Sole 24 Ore in Milano to improve myself in special luxury categories.









Luxury to me

The fast-evolving idea of “luxury ” is influenced by the contemporary society changes.

Luxury, in the past, was more about the ownership of luxury goods.

On the contrary, nowdays it is perceved strectly related to the experience, which often become a shared experience.

As Oliviero Toscani said in the interview for ELLE magazine, Luxury is something related to the will to live, it is not about money anymore. I strongly agree with his point of view.

Luxury can be defined as the ability to express the own personality, the own talent in a sophisticated way. I think at “Luxury” as a combination of elements which translate our uniqueness in something visible.


About Martina…!

My name is Martina and I’m 24 years old. Half italian and half swiss, I come from Livorno a town by the sea in the beautiful Tuscany. I have an economic background built up at Pisa University. I’m really into sport, in particular I’m keen on tennis which I’ve been practicing since I was seven; very sensitive and cheerful, good food lover (Italian DNA), obsessed with details (Swiss DNA), I’m fond of cinema especially “en plein air” during summer and I’m passionate about travel. Doesn’t matter where I am, when I hear the sound of the sea, I feel at home.

Click here for my Linkedin profile.



The perfect… match!

Happy New Year!!!!!


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About Lorena

vacanze 2012 499.JPG

Hello there! I’m Lorena Salvioni, I’m 24 years old and I have graduated in Languages for Business at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in the amazing Milan. I love foreign cultures and that’s why I’ve studied 7 languages. I’ve always espoused the idea that languages are a huge part of marketing so I’ve decided to follow my love for this discipline in the luxury field. Milan is so full of amazing pieces of art and you can’t avoid falling in love with them. I don’t mean just art itself but in a more general way: fashion, design, jewelry, watches, food and Italian wine of course. That’s why I’m attending this master.



Click here for my LinkedIn Profile



My perception of Luxury

It’s easy to find a proper idea about luxury when walking around Milan. Shopping lanes are catwalks where everybody can show his/her status or style just by wearing something particular or shopping in an exclusive store. Luxury is not just the way you dress up when you hang out. Luxury is the experience itself. It’s a day spent with your friends walking around the city. It’s about how a brand makes you feel. How you can best express yourself, even the deepest and most hidden part of your personality. It’s a way to feel like being part of something bigger than you. When I hear the word Luxury I think about “extended self” because I believe that it’s part of your personality and an extension of your lifestyle. You can’t avoid telling something about you. Your status, your ideas, opinions, personality, interests, values and the perception you have about life. Luxury is uniqueness, it’s a feeling, it’s the thrill of life, it’s what you communicate.

About Silvia

DSC_0004I hate presenting my self because most of the times I forget important tips to add to my profile. Probably writing it down, will be more useful. So, let’s start.

I’m Silvia Salgarella, I’m 24 years old and I come from Gattinara, a small village near Biella. I’ve lived for fourteen years in Nigeria, where my father is still working as director for a building company. I moved back to Italy for starting my second school. Finished that I came in Milan where I first studied at Iulm, and then at Universitá Statale. My background is on communication and advertising field. It’s since six years now that I’m based in this wonderful city. I’ll tell you a little secret: at the beginning I really hated Milan. You’ll probably ask yourself WHY.. I hated it because it was really freaky and chaotic. I couldn’t imagine my self in it, but after some while I started loving it because I realized that it can offer you lots of opportunities, lots of experiences, and different alternatives.

So, here I am. I recently started a new adventure. I’m attending an MBA in Luxury Management at sole 24h business school. And, well, it’s one of the most amazing experience I have ever had. We’ll analyze all the aspects of luxury, from fashion to food and wine, stressing the importance of our made in Italy, and analyzing the different strategic actions to take in this field. It’s really a stimulating ambience.

I’ve never had serious working experiences. I’ve always focused on my studies, and on Saturdays I’m challenging my self giving Italian and maths lesson to some children. I held activities is the Oratory of my birth town, but this was just for fun.

If I could use an adjective for describing my self I would say: SMILING. It’s nice taking life in a positive way, smiling and being available in discovering and learn new things.

Here is my Linkedin profile:


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What does LUXURY mean?

In my opinion, Luxury can be described in one simple word:  UNIQUENESS .


Today, it can be the unique emotion if you taste, smell or feel the best quality of luxury handcraft goods as part of a unique experience to be in the most exclusive locations on earth. Luxury is to have the opportunity to materialise and express individual desires and dreams into a unique lifestyle.


This is, what I have in mind about luxury in this day and age, looking from the outside.

But if it is regarding ME, luxury is about having the TIME to enjoy the happy moments of life and to celebrate the unforgettable experiences.



‘Real luxury is understanding quality, and having the time to enjoy it.’ 

– G. Bruce Boyer 

(Men’s Fashion Journalist) 

ABOUT Donata von Schichau

Creativity, lifestyle and philosophy – to me, this is my passion and this is what I dedicate my life to. I like to take inspiration from everything!

I am Donata from Germany, 24 years old and just arrived from lovely England. My journey into luxury and fashion started as far back as early childhood, being exposed to a variety of art exhibitions and styles. 

After my A levels I studied Fashion-Textile-Management at JAK Academy in Hamburg, which gave me the right amount of knowledge in economics, marketing and design to be prepared to start in my own way.

My internship for Luxury Living/ Forlì last year was a key experience in defining my personal leader of tradition, sophistication and exclusive luxury: Italy.

So after my graduation in March, a short escape to England and already being a fashion illustrator aside, I’m back in Milan now with one simple mission:

To inspire others with my fascination of luxury and management. This ties in with my own philosophy, which is: love what you do. Passion drives everything.



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Born in 1988 under a palm tree of San Benedetto del Tronto, grown on boats floating the european seas i have been always pushed on by my dynamic curiosity.

Thanks to my sailing career and the studies abroad in economics, I started to appreciate cultural differences increasing trip after trip the willingness to know new places, new people new trends.

I’m a creative person with the obsession for details, addicted to the concept of beauty, fascinated by art in all the form it appears. I mix a strong interest for electronic music, fashion, classical art and contemporary art especially in the performing field.

This interest conduct me to express myself especially in music and painting, preserving my creative soul despite the more pragmatic studied in International Economics and Business.

My plane for the future is to have no plans and no mental borders, thinking that it is the best way to exploit each single opportunity to increase me as a person, as a worker and as an artist.


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About Verdiana



25 years old, born and raised in Taranto. My background is in “Public Relation and Corporate Communication”. I have developed a passion for the fashion world since I was a child so I am excited to be part of the International Luxury Management Master as it is an important opportunity to improve my skills.




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About Silvia




Born and raised in Milan, but citizen of the world at spirit.
22 years old, I graduated in Philosophy with a thesis on my French âme sœur Albert Camus.
I think of myself as a restless person, but I’m learning how to slow things down.
I love arts, theatre, wine, long walks and people that make me feel alive.
Not necessarily in this order.


Here you can find my articles:

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Luxury for me

About Tamara

Dear reader, welcome to our “Luxury Panel”:)

My name is Tamara and I’m coming from Armenia. I am one of students, who came here to gain knowledge, share experiences, ideas and cultures, discuss recent events and change their lives.

I have a finance and accounting background. During my studies of MBA I discovered my passion towards the art of managing and organizing companies, particularly world-known brands that have huge influence on society and have their own era.

This is the main reason why I moved to Italy and pursue the idea to become professional in luxury industry here.

I am passionate about travelling, sports and meeting new people.

Detailed information about my work experience and capabilities can be found via Linkedln profile.

Thank you for reading:)


Luxury for me

What does means luxury to me?

It’s an hard question to give an answer.

During those years I’ve always been charmed by luxury world, I’ve always desired to walk down the streets of Manhattan in my Manolo with a beautiful Hermes bag,going to my beautiful apartment in 5th ave, living a perfect Sex and the City life, as Carrie Bradshaw always imprinted to me since I was only 16.


When you grow up, you have to left your Manolo dream… and fight with the real life…that is a small village near Naples surrounded by people who desire to reach a job, who desire to improve themselves, who desire to travel….or just having a quality life.

You have to fight with the prejudice, with the preconception, with the corruption and the injury led by the evil and envy ,dictated by the society you live in.

When you grow up, you had to research a new key word to define what LUXURY mean…

….it doesn’t mean what Carrie and Samantha imprinted to you for 10 season…but it can mean FREEDOM

the freedom to be yourself, the freedom to dress like you want, the freedom to be outside from the SOCIETY rules….the freedom to be not stereotype,the freedom to be outside by the cage you are forced to live in.