Still water runs deep – Hermès retrospective

Some of the most creative works have resulted when collaboration of knowledge and experience from distant genres and unrelated forms collide and spark new ideas. Though you may not recognize it on the glance, we’ve all somehow noticed, but appreciated later the impact of these examples. What I want to talk about is the creative magic that due to these ‘post-efects’, like a still water goes slowly and only after some time make deep results.

Evoking some individual, amazingly innovative and creative examples of visual displays isn’t difficult. But thinking of one brand with less ‘one shot’ examples and a ‘long term approach’ is quite a difficult task.

Probably only brand worth this title is Hermès.

Hermès has from different points of view extremely distinctive approach to luxury. Approach to products. Approach to visual display as well. Following instincts and not trends makes difference. Using very particular and instinctive choice of external collaborators, Hermès made it’s collaborations happen on a more emotional, artistic level.

How number of these collaborations have grown in the past, Hermès can proud itself as an pioneer of merging art and fashion world. Particularly inside of the retail displays.

Level that their display collaborations reached in terms of artistic approach is quite impressive.

These are my favorites:

Tokujin Yoshioka

Pamen Pereira

Kliment v Klimentov

 Fotis Evans’

Torafu Architects


Wendy Legro & Maarten Collignon

Anna Wili Highfield

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