Maserati “The absoulte opposite of ordinary”


No pay off has never been more appropriate than the Maserati one. The year 2014 was indeed “The absolute opposite of ordinary”, in fact it was not only the 100th year anniversary since the historical trident was founded, but it was also an extraordinary year in terms of sale.

For Maserati, 2014 has recorded the highest amount of sales, selling worldwide 36.500 cars, recording a growth of the request equal to 137% compared to the previous year, and six times higher than in 2012.

These numbers easily give the idea of why 2014 can be considered as extraordinary.

One of the market more intresting for la casa di Modena, beside the American and the Chinese, respectively the first one and the second one, is represented by the Japanese one.

In fact the Italian luxury car, despite a general recession in the Japanese automotive market, tripled this year the units sold in the Sun Rising country.

The trident company sold 640 cars, up 347.8 percent on-year, during the April-to-September period. Year-to-November sales more than quadrupled from a year earlier to 1,224 cars.[1]

Fabrizio Cazzoli, Maserati Japan’s Representative Director stated he forecasts to sell 1,500 in 2015.

As Director Cazzoli stated “Luxury is recession resistant,” Buying an over US$83,000 car is an “emotional decision – if anything, higher specification models have been selling better,”

Maserati reached these great results thanks to new and fascinating models, the new Quattroporte sedan, Granturismo sports coupe, and the entry-level Ghibli, which has overcome the highest sales expectations. But an additional reasons of its success it is also due to the reorganized and strengthened distribution network.


This legendary brand has written already so many historical pages in the car world during these 100 years, full of glorious moments as well as some difficult moments.

Maserati’s 2014 Super Bowl spot was very appropriate in saying as last sentence “…and now we strike”. Yes Maserati has never been so determinated in striking and without any doubt many other pages of the car history and of the Italian’s style will be written by this super car, which has demonstrated to be for real the absoulte opposite of ordinary.

Mario Marcucci

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