10 questions to Confindustria Federorafi

Confindustria Federorafi represents more than 500 Italian companies (industrial and artisanal) that work in the gold silver and jewel segment. Most of the companies are located in Arezzo, Vicenza, Macerata, Milan, Valenza and Naples and transform in jewels more than the 70% of the gold, silver, platinum and palladium wrought in Italy and then exported worldwide.
Federorafi is the most qualified interlocutor of the gold-silver-jewels smith Italian producers not only because it protects their rights and interests but also because it takes part in the debates of national and transnational problems of general interest.
Thanks to my professor Andrea Bellomo, I had the chance to interview Stefano de Pascale, Director of Federorafi, and Dimitri Stella, Vice President Vicar, who shared with me the panoramic of the Made in Italy gold silver and jewel segment.

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How do you imagine yourself in 10 years from now?

This is one of the questions young and hopeful candidates are often asked during interviews.

The woman, the professional I had the pleasure to meet last week is an elegant representation of my “ideal me” in 10 years.


Maserati “The absoulte opposite of ordinary”


No pay off has never been more appropriate than the Maserati one. The year 2014 was indeed “The absolute opposite of ordinary”, in fact it was not only the 100th year anniversary since the historical trident was founded, but it was also an extraordinary year in terms of sale.

For Maserati, 2014 has recorded the highest amount of sales, selling worldwide 36.500 cars, recording a growth of the request equal to 137% compared to the previous year, and six times higher than in 2012.

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Still water runs deep – Hermès retrospective

Some of the most creative works have resulted when collaboration of knowledge and experience from distant genres and unrelated forms collide and spark new ideas. Though you may not recognize it on the glance, we’ve all somehow noticed, but appreciated later the impact of these examples. What I want to talk about is the creative magic that due to these ‘post-efects’, like a still water goes slowly and only after some time make deep results.

Evoking some individual, amazingly innovative and creative examples of visual displays isn’t difficult. But thinking of one brand with less ‘one shot’ examples and a ‘long term approach’ is quite a difficult task.

Probably only brand worth this title is Hermès.

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Dinner in the sky in Milan

How would you like to dine while contemplating the marvellous view of the city of Milan?

“Sky dinner” in Milan is the restaurant hanging in space over the Expo. It will be possible to book one of the twenty-two seats available for each round that let you sit, in complete safety, around a table and be raised by a high-tech platform to fifty meters high to enjoy the best cocktail or a refined menu. Each seat is equipped with three seat belts and can be rotated by 180 ° to allow a clear view so breathtaking.

Schermata 2015-05-03 alle 18.09.18

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The Internship Rush (or How to Survive the Desperate Search for a Job)

I knew it could not be forever. That wonderful feeling of lightness and freedom, that “the future is still far” sensation that I felt during the whole master. It was amazing to wake up and know that I was about to learn new things and that the stress of finding a job was not a problem I had to worry about at the moment.

Now, things have changed. A lot.

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