Would you go back to the restaurant in which you just ate?

Carlo e Camilla in Segheria
Carlo e Camilla in Segheria

terrazza triennale

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday and I had the opportunity to eat in two great restaurants in Milan: La Terrazza Triennale and Carlo e Camilla in Segheria.
If I was asked the question “Would you go back to the restaurant in which you just ate?” my answer, referring to these two places, would certainly be “I would go back right now, even if I am not hungry.”
If it was not for the need to book in advance and for the fact that I couldn’t certainly afford so often to spend that much, even if the prices are not that crazy in both of them, I would continuously go back to each of them.

La Terrazza Triennale is named after the place where the restaurant is located, precisely the terrace on the top floor of the building of the Milano Triennale.
Launched this year, it wants to be a key reference point during the Expo, and to remain as a dowry to the city even once the exposition is over.
After a double competition, the management went to Stefano Matterhorn, chef of the Due Colombe restaurant in Borgognato, and Ugo Fava, known entrepreneur in the food and beverage field.
The design of this property was instead won by the study Obr of Paolo Brescia and Thomas Principles.
A glass pavilion of 33 meters per 5, completely opened and with a breathtaking view over the city.
Sempione park creates a green blanket all around the building, with the Sforzesco castle standing tall in front of the terrace and the Madonnina of the Duomo cathedral, small and far, but visible.
The interesting thing about this restaurant is that it is not only for the wealthy few who can afford a dinner between 55 and 75 Euro; you can also have lunch with thirty Euros, have a drink or just enjoy the view of the city after visiting the art exhibition.


I had the chance to try the Brunch in Three Acts by the chef Stefano Cervino.
We arrived at one, a few tables were occupied, but we heard a waitress sending away a couple since the restaurant was totally booked.
We settled and the chef came to say hello, wishing us to enjoy the meal.
After a toast with an excellent bottle of rosé Franciacorta Bersi Serlini, and a short wait the First Act arrived.
Codfish with salad of field greens, Zucchini flan in saffron sauce and Franciacorta and Beef carpaccio with parmesan cream and watercress sprouts (“Baccalà in insalata di erbe di campo, Sformatino di zucchine in salsa di zafferano e Franciacorta e Carpaccio di manzo con crema di parmigiano e germogli di crescione”).

 Schermata 2015-04-27 alle 15.50.25

We could choose the second act; I personally opted for a Croaker escalope with roasted potatoes, olives and capers (“Scaloppa di ombrina con rostì di patate alle olive e capperi”).
Last but definitely not least the third act included a trio of desserts: a “Paradiso” cupcake with raspberry coulisse, Crème brulée and Chocolate mousse with biscuit crumble (“Tortina paradiso con coulisse ai lamponi, Crème brulée e Mousse al cioccolato con crumble di biscotto”).
The dishes were excellent, well-balanced and delicate, not too generous, but none of us was still hungry at the end.
It has been a real experience not just about the taste, we teased all the senses and had a very pleasant moment.

 Schermata 2015-04-27 alle 15.50.06

The same evening, I received my second culinary gift, the perfect present since my great love for fine food, which consisted of a dinner at Carlo e Camilla in Segheria.
The project was born from the union of three creative minds; chef Carlo Cracco for the kitchen, Tanja Solci art director and restaurateur Nicola Fanti.
The location is an old sawmill in via Meda in Milan.
The walls and floors were deliberately maintained, however the image you have entering the restaurant is certainly not that of an old “Segheria”.
Richard Ginori porcelain, crystal chandeliers, soft and strategic lighting, friendly and nice personnel.
The focal point of the restaurant is the crossed social table, reminiscent of the old taverns of Tuscany, with the goal to encourage the dialogue between the diners.

richard ginori

Carlo e Camilla in Segheria wants to be a meeting place for people, not just a restaurant or a bar, a space for cultural events, during the fashion and design weeks in Milan, for instance.
We sat at the unique table, and after we asked the waitress for some explanations about ingredients we never heard before, we happily ordered.
For me Mullet peas and buffalo (“Cefalo piselli e bufala”) as an appetizer, followed by Spaghetti Khorasan salmon capers celery and grapefruit (“Spaghetti Khorasan salmone capperi sedano e pompelmo”).
My gentleman went for an excellent Vicciola Tartare, continuing with a Rib of veal peanut beans and savory (“Costola di vitello arachidi fave e santoreggia”).

Schermata 2015-04-27 alle 15.53.55 Schermata 2015-04-27 alle 15.54.06

Schermata 2015-04-27 alle 15.54.15Schermata 2015-04-27 alle 15.54.40

Both of us decided not to accompany our meal with a glass of wine, knowing the skills of the barman Filippo Sisti in making drinks, so we asked the waiter a recommendation of the most appropriate drink considering our order.
A cocktail made with rum, lemon and grapefruit for me (there were other ingredients that I totally forgot), with the perfect acidity for my fish dishes, and a revisited and spicy bloody mary for my paladin, ideal to enhance the flavor of the meat.


drink segheria

Already satiated but greedy, we decide to split a dessert, the Chocolate egg, unanimously chosen; we did not expect a classic Easter egg of course, but we surely didn’t expect so much goodness.
The egg was not eatable, it was just the container of our dessert, which instead consisted of a double mousse of milk and dark chocolate, which hid a grain chocolate cookie, with chunks of brownies and a chocolate cream bignè.
An explosion of different chocolates, a real ecstasy.
We finished the meal with a coffee; if having it in the evening doesn’t make you sleep, take it deca!
It is accompanied by some cookies covered with different kinds of chocolate.

 Schermata 2015-04-27 alle 16.01.40

Fine food today has to be a mix of pleasure, discovery, high quality products; it has to tell a story, it has to be coherent with the location.
Both these restaurants gave me this impression; I was offered a unique, holistic experience, where the dish wasn’t the only important thing, but where every visual element was crucial.
For any food lover interested in a heavenly meal without spending the whole salary, I recommend you to try one of these two restaurants, you will not regret it!

Buon appetito!



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