Here we are with a very special interview to a “big” of Luxury field: Our protagonist of the day is Alberto Festa.

We had the chance to meet him during a lesson fully dedicated to the luxury watch sector, his passion and carisma completely stole our attention and that’s why we asked him to go more in deep for what concerns his career and experience.

He is part of the Bulgari family from Sept 2000, he worked as Area Managing Director for Italy and South Europe, managing the second largest market of company in all product categories. From Jan 2012 he became President North America, managing US and Canada for all channels DOS, wholesale and perfume.

Actually he is President Bulgari USA.


5 questions by Linda:

Why did you decide to start a career in luxury industry? 

I started my career in fast moving consumer goods and I passed to Luxury by chance when Bulgari was looking for a managing Director for Italy.

What is  luxury for you?

Luxury is a great sector to work for and I enjoyed, but what I have enjoyed the most is working for a big company and now for a big group.

What companies are looking for in potential candidates, especially in Bulgari?

Creativity, flexibility,retail experience and culture.

How does Bulgari differentiate from other competitors in terms of values and uniqueness?

Our Bold unmistakable design is unique, we epitomize the “Dolce Vita” style and the Italian way of life.

What is the secret to reach success according to your experience?

Be consistent and coherent with you DNA and Values across everything your company does.

What is your opinion regarding the future of luxury and Bulgari which key role will play?

The Luxury is facing a challenging time, the growth rate is slowing down and there is a shift from west to east.


 5 questions by Federica:

High preparation is always important, but according to you experience: in which positions did you notice women performing better than men, and vice versa?

In our industry woman are the majority and usually they are performing better in marketing, communication and retail.

From your experience in the Unites States, in terms of Business: what are the main differences between the “Italian way” and the American one?

In America things are happening and happening fast. The negotiating process is faster and there are less surprises. The people are more accessible and more open to networking.

Bulgari started a collaboration with “Save The Children” in 2009, how do you see it in ten years? Do you think Luxury companies will be more and more committed in supporting no profit associations or it’s just a trend?

 I can’t predict if the partnership will last for 10 years but so far we are very pleased with the results. We raised more than 30 millions Euro since the campaign has started and we are very proud of it.

Federica Marconi Fornari

Linda Pittis

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