Mercedes AMG and Rotwil in a bike partnership

Bici e mercedes_2

Temperature is going up, people are more worried about their body, we can call it summer coming, but Mercedes and Rotwild call it opportunity.

Mercedes known for manufacturing high level car considering performance and comfort, in other  to diversify its business made a partnership with Rotwild, a German bike manufacturer to create the new Rotwild GT S Inspired by AMG. Actually this is the second project between Daimler group and the bike manufacturer from Dieburg.


The proposal is a limited edition of 100 pieces, that costs 9.999 euros, the mountain bike is a result of a craftsmanship process and considering feedback of professional AMG Rotwild Mtb racing team athletes. An innovative luxury and professional bike, we could call.

As AMG, we put attention to the dynamics and used just the best technology.

Peter Schlitt, Rotwild General Manager

A unique design and the German engineering competence.

Tobias Moers, AMG Division CEO

The high-tech construction uses solar beam and carbon black to give the bicolor of the mountain bike, use soft material as carbon fiber, to assume their rigidity and not to be so heavy. For the gear Rotwild was implemented a Shimano XTR linked to a electronic system.

Concerning the design, it is clearly inspired by Mercedes-AMG GT – also in the name- with the same sport level.

The new product of a probably one more co-branding success is gonna be available for luxury lovers really soon. Sales starts from May of this year.

Bici e mercedes_2Catarine C.


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