10 QUESTIONS TO MVP – When tradition meets talent


Maria Vittoria Paolillo is an amazing young jewelry design.

Her passion for jewelry started a long time ago. During her childhood she used to play with gems while her father was working in the family business office.

After the gemology studies, which have given her the deepest knowledge in the world of jewelry, and her constant travel experiences that have inspired her new creations, Maria Vittoria decided to take the field inventing a brand of her own: MVP.

The decision to hide her name behind an acronym was done to create a separation and a sense of freedom and independence form the Paolillo’s family company, linked uniquely to the precious gems world, and to confront herself with more affordable materials like silver.

MVP was born from the awareness of her family tradition and from the need to be emancipated. MVP collection has merged the artisan tradition with a young and irreverent aesthetics, without overlooking the care for details and the constant research of materials.

ritratto Maria Vittoria 0943_1okbw

What is your first memory related to the jewelry?

My family is closely linked to the jewelry, since I was a child I used to play with precious stones, at the beggining it was a game and then it became my professional life.

Do you think for a talented young designer is easy to fit in this market?

It is not easy to enter this market, even for people like me who come from a family that is in the field since long time. You have to make determinated choices and have a creative project well defined.

Door mirrors_0
Where do you produce your creations? Do you still believe in the power of the “Made in Italy”?

My jewels are produced by Roman artisans, I’m trying to keep the heritage of  Made in Italy in all my collection. It is still one of the biggest strengths we have, and we need to do focus on it, to take and to bring as much results as possible.

We have seen your creations worn by many VIP, do you think the media showcase have accelerated the growth of your brand?

See my creations worn by famous women it is, of course, an accelerator of visibility for a brand, but the real  difficulty is to keep  a high interest level, I try to make it through the extreme attention to detail and creativity of my creations.


What is your relationship with the digital communication?

I believe that  the digital world is now becoming very important for a new brand which tries to have a young target of customers, I personally supervised the creation of my website, of all the social channels and I also signed my campaigns according to the rules of the new media.
Do you think that since you are very young, the use of social media can  best trasmit the soul of your creations?

Absolutely, they are essential for me and my brand, I communicate through social channels all the news about  the collections, trying to spread the style of each piece and showing how you can wear them in different ways. I feel closer and closer to those who follow me giving some details about  my work, in that way my customers can identify themselves in a specific model of women.

I have personally seen some of your pieces for sale at Excelsior in Milan, what are your distribution channels?

My jewels are in many stores in Italy but my goal is to grow on the e-commerce sales and open up a gap in the foreign market.
Do you have a favorite piece in your collection?

My hallmark is definitely the set of rings to wear on all five fingers, the cage and the geometries in general are always the basis for all my creations.

What do you think is the characteristic that makes your collections unique?

I believe that my collections are unique even if they have a different well defined theme, they are characterized by geometric lines, symmetries that makes them recognizable.

Future projects?

My biggest goal is trying to reach an international market, keeping the name of made in Italy also abroad, so I’m focalizing my attention and my work on these activities.

It was a pleasure, thank you.

My pleasure, thanks.


Ludovica Quagliato



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