Keep calm and…go to COACHELLA! (or dream of it)

At this moment of the year, fashion magazines and blogs are invaded by pictures of fringed miniskirts, ripped jeans shorts, vintage bags and flower crowns. Why? Does spring melancholy bring back people to happy-hippy times? Of course not. It is the moment of Coachellakeep-calm-and-wait-for-coachella-2015-23

I can’t imagine people out there not knowing what Coachella is, since it has become one of the coolest events of the year. Anyway, in case of “vampire” readers that have been locked in a cave in the last decade, I will shortly go through its history.


The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a music event that takes place in the Empire Polo Fields of Indio, California. It was invented in 1999. It was supposed to be proposed every year, for two subsequent weekends, ideally at the half of April. By that time, the event was considered uncomfortable and freak, and in fact its organizers did not propose it the year later because of the scarce and disappointing affluence. Luckily, they were not discouraged by the failure of the first edition and they spent the “sabbatical year” to carefully plan the festival to make it more appealing. It worked. Since its relaunch in 2001, the Coachella has become one of the most successful and beloved music and art events in the world.


Its popularity is due to a series of factors. First of all, the quality of the artists hitting the stage has always been the priority of the managing team. A careful selection of music legends and rising stars is invited to  perform in the festival every year, creating a strong bridge between the past, the present and the future of music. As an exemple, this year’s festival is featuring singers like AC/DC, Madonna and Drake, but also newcomers like Hozier and Stromae.


The second one is for sure the enthusiastic participation of renowned stars, who simply stand in the crowd along with the “normal” audience and just enjoy the concerts. Some of them, like the supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Kendall Jenner and the actress Kate Bosworth, have become veterans of the Coachella festival and unofficial ambassadors of its casual-hippy look.

Coachella_2015_style_inspiration5    images


This brings us to the last but not least success factor of the fortunate festival. The audience is mainly composed by young, trendy and fashionable boys and girls, who take the opportunity to put together incredible outfits, all of which are a combination of the latest designer trends and vintage treasures, assembled with a hippy-meets-cowboy-meets rockstar style. The result is a very particular style, the “Coachella casual”, which is spotted carefully by fashion magazines, bloggers and cool-hunters and taken as inspiration for summer trends by legions of adolescents and young women. At the Coachella, the audience itself is an attraction and a living “artwork”. The “Coachella casual” style has even been recognized by the fast fashion brand H&M, that has dedicated an official capsule collection to the festival, called “H&M loves Coachella”.


So, who would not love to stay in the desert, impeccably dressed, and listen to wonderful music sitting next to his favorite stars?


The festival is now taking place, it will end on April 19. So, stay tuned and be ready for the next year!

For further information, check the site!


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