10 Questions to Carlo Mazzoni

Carlo Mazzoni is an Italian writer and journalist based in Milan.
We decided to interview him because of his new challenge, the launch of his new magazine The Fashionable Lampoon.


Q: You have a background made of very different experiences. Which is the fil rouge that connects all? Which is the activity that rapresents you the most?

A: Well definitelly, I’m a dentist! (laughing ed), I have a degree in medecine; people define me as the “fashion acrobat”, like crazy! My first article was published on Vogue Italia, I was 23 years old and in the meanwhile I had the dream to publish a romance; the dream came true in 2007 when “I Postromantici” was published. Later on in 2009 and 2011 other two romances came out, “Disordine” and “Due amici” and I decided to found with Martina Mondadori “Memoria”, holding that nowadays is in charge of all my editorials projects. Without any doubt the activity that mostly represents myself is writing. Writing romances is a dream, fashion publishing is a job. I see fashion as a lively sector, energetic, rilevant abroad, part of a worlwide system that still brings values and economic rilevance to Italy.

Q: Why another fashion magazine?

A: Lampoon is one of a kind; I define it as a magazine for the new generation, it uses a different language, it is web oriented, it is sympathetic towards social networks and it can mix the right dose of irony with important and relevant contents.

Q: How did you create the team?

A: We’re friends; we were and now we are more! (laughing ed). Giovanni (Laudicina, Fashion Editor ed) and I are in charge of the most technical aspects of the job because of our studies and preparation; Paolo (Stella, Web Chief Editor ed), Candela (Novembre, Web Executive Editor ed) and Roberta (Ruiu, Pop Editor ed) are ideas making; they have initiative, a recognised power through social media. I have also the task to try to transform in concrete their dreams and fantasies that are the starting point of our creatives projects.

Q: Lampoon is published twice a year. You choose a format not so typical for an italian fashion magazine. Why? 

A: Yes, it’s true, In Italy we are basically the only ones who adopted this format, that seems a trend for international publishing, like LOVE Magazine and Purple; I define Lampoon as a slow magazine and not a cool magazine like fashion industry uses to define these. We use web and social networks to launch news, events and faster contents.

Q: Which target would you like to reach with Lampoon?

A: I would love to embrace everyone! (laughing ed); I’d like that fashion in Italy would not be just for a niche; I really appreciate when I see on Instagram that the “barriers” between insiders and public have been shot down, and a strong interactivity among them.

Q: If I tell you democratic fashion?

A: David Letterman during his show once asked to Vogue America editor in chief Anna Wintour: ”How can someone with a budget of 10$ live fashion?” and she answered: ”Buying a lipstick”. I think it’s true, buying a Chanel lipstick means buying the Chanel world and all the dream behind. Nowadays fashion shows and events are useful to sell a bag or a lipstick, that represents the dreams behind a brand.

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

A: Miuccia Prada. I’ve never worked with her and I consider her a real genius. Prada nowadays is the only brand that astonishes, always proposing an unexpected style and always a step forward. Armani is the opposite case for instance; you can’t say anything about Armani, it is untouchable, absolutely perfect in all the details. Prada offers you the chance to criticize, understand and trying to interprete any collection according to Miuccia’s taste.

Q: Apart from Prada, who are, in your opinion, the most innovative designers?

A: I think Nicholas Guesquiere, now Louis Vuitton Creative Director, is able every season to reinvent this brand, that hasn’t got a clear “aesthetic code”; you recognize by heart a collection from Dior or Chanel, but you don’t do that with a Louis Vuitton one. Guesquiere doesn’t look back but always forward, in contrast with Raf Simons (Dior Creative Director ed) who embraces a radial method in creating a collection, always focus on the brand codes and on the brand DNA.

Q: Who is the person that mostly inspired your work?

A: Franca Sozzani.

Q: If you were a brand, which one would you be?

A: Chanel, because of its strenght and power. It’s the strongest brand actually! Powerful and independent.. and then I would be an innovator, creating something that still doesn’t exist: the Chanel man.

Giulia Nora
Andrea Prato

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