10 questions: Interview with Filippo Mutani – Q Naked Ideas

During our lessons we had the chance to meet very interesting people from our working point of view; in particular I had the pleasure to talk with Filippo Mutani, founder of Q Naked Ideas and great photographer, Leica photographer’s award 13 finalist.


1. Good morning Dott. Mutani. Here there are some questions about your professional path & career. First of all, how did you develop this passion?

F. M. : Whether the job of the strategist that photographer to come from a common point: the curiosity for what is around me, and in particular to humans.


2. Were you encouraged by externals in embracing this kind of career?

F. M. :  Not that much: When in late 90s,  just having finished the Publitalia ’80 Master in Marketing, i was asked to take care of the communication strategy. At that time, i was not so sure about what it was; I asked among family and friends: no one had ever heard of the profession of strategic planner. This is the main reason why i thought it would be perfect for me! Then, at the end of 2000, I decided to start a photographer career and, in full explosion of digital, they all got me mad..!

3.  Major Difficulties encountered in the beginning?

F. M. :  Labels: nobody gives you work if you’re not already a photographer. No one allows you to do something unless you know the strategy perfectly. In our country, in particular, I think you have very little courage to experiment. The digital revolution also obliges us today to develop a way of “working beta”: you try, you observe the reactions, and you keep improving after several exercises.

4. How the photographers of the past have meant to her? Magnum
F. M. : Photography, perhaps more than other arts, is closely linked to the  historical period and to the social context. It would not make much sense today doing photography as Cartier Bresson and Robert Capa did. And even as they did ten years ago. The great photographers of the past are a fundamental reference, both in terms of style and humanity.


5. What advice would you suggest to those who want to embrace this path?

F. M. : Today it is more immediate and easier to have an opportunity for media exposure. We need to focus as much as possible on their individuality, understood as diversity. Individuality is the new value in terms of richness.

6. Favourite website?

F. M. : Actually I am following Warc for the communication strategy, BOF for fashion, JR and Ren Hang for photography, instagram Ai Wei Wei, John Green on twitter and youtube. Even though, everything changes very quickly.


7. Which was your more rewarding working experience and why.

F. M. : I love teaching because it obliges me to stop, rethink, understand and often share the work I do.

8. Are you satisfied with the  obtained results? If you could go back what you would avoid to do?

F. M. : If it was possible to do such a thing, I would try to have more courage and more confidence in myself. It’s more fun.

milan fashion week 2012

9. How would you define the concept of luxury?

F. M. : Luxury is more and more away from high cost and exclusivity. I think the concept of luxury is progressively replacing the concept of brand: “brand” is increasingly losing value in people’s heads because today if the client chooses more according to their social network. Luxury brands can instead maintain that complex of values and implications that give a deeper meaning and complete the product. In Latin “luxus” means plenty: we may think today a luxury brand as a brand with plenty of meaning.

10. How did your collaboration with the Sole 24 ORE Newspaper start?

F. M. : Nearly 10 years ago. I was the strategic director of Publicis Italy and Sole 24 ORE called me to witness. I made it and I often do in other Masters and Universities. In Sole 24 ORE I found less distance between academy (theory) and profession (project work).

milan fashion week 2012

Valentina Maria Fabbri


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