CHANEL chooses NET-A-PORTER for online debut

A trip around the world, extravagant pieces of art and even your life partner… there are few things in life you can’t order online, but CHANEL fine jewelry is one of them. Until now.

For the first time, the prestigious Parisian brand’s new line of fine jewels will be available to order on the internet, as Net-a-Porter launches a dedicated digital pop-up shop.


In late March, Chanel’s president of fashion, Bruno Pavolovsky, told the magazine WWD that the the luxury brand would finally be launching e-commerce, possibly before the end of 2016. As it turns out, the company is actually testing the e-commerce as soon as next week.

Rather than debut e-commerce on its own website, Chanel has partnered with Net-a-Porter to sell a small collection of jewelry, called Coco Crush, which includes five rings and a cuff in 18-karat white and yellow gold. It will be the first time Chanel has sold anything other than beauty products online.


“We are thrilled that Chanel has decided to work with Net-A-Porter on this exclusive initiative,” Alison Loehnis, president of the online retailer, said this morning. “Chanel is a brand that we admire greatly and we are incredibly honoured and proud to partner with them on their first-ever fine-jewellery ecommerce project. This fabulous collection completely embodies the unequivocal chic Chanel spirit – classic, modern and timeless – that is sure to resonate with our customer.”

The announcement comes as it was revealed last week that Net-a-Porter has merged with the Italian-owned Yoox, waiting for the approval of shareholders to come.


But, let’s deepen into the project: it’s going to be “an entirely bespoke Coco Crush world” with 360-degree photography that allows shoppers to zoom in, expand, “play about” and examine the product as they would in real life. It will also adapt to any desktop, tablet or mobile device. With Chanel’s input, Net-a-Porter’s tech team build the entire application from scratch. It makes a lot of sense that Chanel, which has long refused e-commerce in favor of keeping tight control around how and where its products are sold, would only give into online retail on the condition that it be done in a very special, customized and controlled way: THE Chanel way.

Maybe the company is going to spend over a year preparing to launch e-commerce on its own website? We must wait to see.



Back to the collection, Coco Crush is entirely dedicated to the “matelassé” or quilted pattern seen in a myriad of the French luxury label’s designs. As one of its signature motifs, diamond quilting features strongly in the brand’s heritage and seen on its popular handbags and clutches, jackets, footwear and accessories,  and even in haute couture. So Chanel is, in a way, revisiting its iconic quilted motif for its latest jewelry line made of six pieces: a chunky cuff bracelet (19,000 euro) and two gold bands, available in either white or yellow gold (1,970 euro for the thin band, 3,250 for the thick). In the promotional video (that you can find below and that I highly suggest you to give a look), these treasures crop up in “cocottes” with their lines reprised in cappuccinos and pastries, set to a throaty voice-over by Caroline de Maigret with a soundtrack by her man, Yarol Poupaud.

The exclusive Coco Crush will be available on the website just from April 15 to May 6 … so don’t miss it!

Giulia Ferrari

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