Expo 2015 starts today @La Triennale!


From today, until the first of November, the exhibition “Arts and Foods, Rituals since 1851” will be hosted by La Triennale.
It is the first pavilion to inaugurate Expo 2015, with surprising advance.
Offering 7000 square meters between the garden and the building, the exposition edited by Germano Celant, has been set up by Italo Rota with the graphic support of Irma Boom.
It is an overview of the ritual of eating since 1851, year of the first Expo, hosted in London, until today, with the last Expo around the corner.
Fifteen scenarios of the approaches of families to food, as it is lived in its preparation and its share, in the course of two centuries.

La Triennale presents more than 2000 artworks from all over the world, with a multi sensory path characterized by smells, sounds and visuals.
“Arts & Foods involves all media and art forms: from painting to sculpture, video, installation, photography and advertising, to design and architecture, movies, music and literature,” said Germano Celant, curator of the pavilion.
Moving from picnic settings to bars and restaurants, from kitchen tools to tables sets, passing through testimonials of artists, movie makers, writers, musicians, architects and so on.
It is also a review of sumptuous dining halls of the aristocracy alongside those humble of poor people, to make us understand that the perception of food is totally different from a person to another, from a culture to another, from an income to another.



EP-150409173.jpg&MaxW=960&imageVersion=default“La Triennale di Milano is the only Italian institution with a multidisciplinary approach to the visual and applied arts,” said Claudio De Albertis, President of La Triennale. “It was thus only natural to accept the proposal of the Expo to put on the Arts & Foods exhibition as well as the eighth edition of the Triennale Design Museum, devoted to such an essential subject as that of the Expo. So, with Silvana Annichiarico, the director of the Triennale Design Museum, we asked Germano Celant and Italo Rota to create and design Body Snatchers in the Kitchen. We are confident that we shall achieve excellent results all round.”
For all of those like me who do not have anything to do this weekend, well, let’s go and have a look!



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