On the way to Sanremo


Recently in Sanremo, the “City of Flowers” most famous city in Ligurian Riviera, Traders organized to oppose the opening outlet in Valle Armea. In collaboration with Confcommercio, they have decided to realize a Network of Enterprise “to give relaunch the economy of the city and undertake new initiatives in order to increase the presence of customers. Today, they started to have meetings with the leaders of the majority and opposition on the general theme of the economic crisis and trade in Sanremo and in particular on the project to open the Outlet or more precisely the department store the Mall in Valle Armea. ”


But what is the origin or cause of this general discontent?

The Assessor for productive activities Anna Maria Asseretto invites traders to be “the most hospitable and welcoming.” The catchphrase of “typical welcome Ligurian” has returned to the forefront of the activities related to the presentation of the project on trade citizen (in relation to the opening of the outlet The Mall), promoted by Confcommercio and Centre Ariston and managed by the University La Sapienza.

The Assessor said: “It’s a critical moment for everybody. The starting point should be a collaboration broad spectrum but unfortunately, however, I must note, that in our exercises lacking hospitality and welcome. I live in Sanremo and make 70-80% of my purchases. Most of the time, I do not find the shopping environment and stores to be very warm and hospitable to the customers, and this feeling includes the Holders as well. We have to work and improve this aspect. The attitude of the customers changes a lot if they are greeted in a positive way instead of a negative way. “. Ms. Asseretto considers it necessary “to continue to work on and improve.” And she launches an appeal to “smile” more: “I understand that the character of Ligurian people is not an advantage, but it is important to improve in this sense.”



I was born and raised there and visit on a regular basis. It is known the traders very rarely accept payments by credit card. On the premises, there is little door policy and this can lead to the negative environment and disappointment in expectations by people.

The city on Sanremo has over 50 hotels and is the most popular tourist destination in the province of Imperia.
The title “City of Flowers” comes from the famous crops of carnations. This raised the name of Sanremo within the floral community, thanks to some enterprising and forward-thinking producers, who were able to specialize in roses and ornamental plants.

From Romanesque to Baroque, from neoclassical to liberty, Sanremo presents a balanced combination of architectural styles that tell the story of this historic town. Palaces and villas, towers and monuments, churches and buildings of different religions not only beautify the city, but contribute to its international and multicultural character.

Why the city of Sanremo is so well known nationally and beyond?

The Festival of Sanremo, or rather the Italian Song Festival in Sanremo, has more than 60 editions and is the musical event of the year. It is anticipated by the public and by professionals. The festival is an authentic national popular manifestation and a prestigious stage for the best singers and important showcase for young talent.

Adventures Sanremo is a new young and fresh group and will organize interesting and festive events.  Since Festival of Sanremo is a week focused on music, the intention of the group is to promote more contemporary and experimental aspects, trying to contribute to a re-evaluation of the image of the Sanremo Festival. Over the years we would be a side event at the Festival, possibly nationally recognized, that gives space to the most contemporary and alternative music scene. Growing up as an organization, in the field of entertainment, we organize events in other venues but also in the most ordinary scene of the club. All of this from the station summer 2015 and with events on a weekly basis in a new club of Sanremo.

The gambling Casino, the oldest in Italy, opened its doors January 14, 1905. Elegant, with its Art Nouveau architecture recalls the Belle Epoque Sanremo. The Casino allows a choice between French and American games, more traditional, and modern slot machines. Among the customers, the most experienced professionals of the green tables alongside occasional risk lovers. Everyone is tempted by the thrill of gambling and many really are blessed with luck.

The fresh flowers of Sanremo are used to create works of arts in the form of flowery floats. The parade takes place through the streets to celebrate the beginning of spring. Founded in 1904, the celebration of the Goddess Flora has become, over the years, a must for the 60 thousand spectators, who on average arrive in Sanremo to follow the show. The Corso Fiorito is broadcast live by Rai, Italian TV channel.
The Rally, whose official name is Rallye Sanremo, consists of an exciting car race. It is the most important sporting events, involving the City of Flowers and its hinterland. The first edition was published in 1928. It is currently organized by ACI Sanremo and is part of the calendar of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge, the FIA European Rally Cup South-West and the Italian Rally Championship.
Milan-Sanremo is the Spring Classic or the cycling race in late March starting from the northern capital and ending in the City of Flowers. The competition, with its 290 km journey, has the distinction of being among the races longer than the duration of a single day. Founded in 1907, the Milan-Sanremo is one of the most prestigious cycling races in Italy and internationally.
home2 The bike trail, the longest in Europe, extends between pine trees and beaches, along the sea for 24 km away. It is ideal for sports enthusiasts and those who want to keep fit, walk, cycle, roller skates and skateboard. It is suitable for families with children, with the pleasant shade of the squares where it’s possible to take a rest, equipped with benches and fountains, numerous dining options and a complex security system. It is enjoyable during all four seasons thanks to the Mediterranean climate of Sanremo. Since the summer of 2012, the entire route is equipped with Wi-Fi network to connect to the Internet.

As a as countrywoman, I wish the best things for the future of Riviera area in term of economic growth, tourism, in particular for young people that are involved in entrepreneurial activities, and best wishes for the country.

Linda Pittis






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