A great opportunity: make-up for men


In recent years the masculine gender is getting closer to the female one in look, lifestyle and treatments that contemporaneous men give themselves. In this sense, the sector that has the highest potential is cosmetics. Men today spend on average as much as the gentle sex and in some countries like UK even more.

The data are confirmed by researches conducted by State of man, who spied on men’s shelves  to understand what are the most used beauty products. Numbers are astounding and highlight the importance of a business in sharp expansion:

54% skincare products (moisturizing cream and eye contour)
33% wax and hair removal
39% cocoa butter
29% manicure
24% facials
13% eyebrows waxing
19% tanning spray or bronzing lamp
9%  BB creams and foundation
11% bronzing powder
10% concealer

As we can see there is a significant number of men who buy make-up and in particular neutral products (mac) that do not allow to reveal the secret of their beauty. Why don’t luxury brands invest in this booming business? Only few brands are introducing lines of man make-up as Tom Ford, YSL, Collistar, Kenman and MMUK man on the success of man creams lines of commercial brands as Dove, Nivea and L’Oréal. Men love to have product lines completely dedicated to them also because they feel comfortable to not give up their manhood.




The first mover in introducing a line of man make-up was Jean Paul Gaultier in 2008, when there was not strong demand from consumers and male cosmetics market was really basic.


Nowadays things have changed and  the modern man shows up the same aesthetic pressure of women both in the workplace and in private life. In large cities the difference between the sexes are so thinned that often one speaks of metrosexual men, men strongly driven by the search for aesthetic perfection regardless of their sexual orientation.


So luxury brands take up the challenge of men make-up because the first of you will lead the market! A good strategy could include Asian countries such as South Korea where men account for 21% of the global beauty industry’s total sales. Believe it or not the future in male cosmetics is this way.

Valerio Cataldo


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