On May 1, the Whitney Museum of American Art in Manhattan will reopen at a new downtown space designed by Renzo Piano. To commemorate the unveiling, the architect and Max Mara have created a limited-edition bag that mirrors the steel ribbing and graphic lines of the building’s bluish-gray facade.



Would you go back to the restaurant in which you just ate?

Carlo e Camilla in Segheria
Carlo e Camilla in Segheria

terrazza triennale

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday and I had the opportunity to eat in two great restaurants in Milan: La Terrazza Triennale and Carlo e Camilla in Segheria.
If I was asked the question “Would you go back to the restaurant in which you just ate?” my answer, referring to these two places, would certainly be “I would go back right now, even if I am not hungry.”
If it was not for the need to book in advance and for the fact that I couldn’t certainly afford so often to spend that much, even if the prices are not that crazy in both of them, I would continuously go back to each of them.

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Expo Milano 2015: the perfect opportunity for China to start investing in Italy

Expo Milano 2015 gets started on May 1 and continues until October 31. The exposition site, which covers one million square metres on the western outskirts of Milan (in the Municipality of Rho), will remain open every day from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

There will be 54 pavilions managed autonomously by individual countries to valorise the tradition of their own food culture, to which an additional seven companies and associations will be added; there will be nine themed clusters that include countries that share a similar agricultural identity (from coffee to cereals, chocolate to rice and more); lastly, there will be four themed pavilions, the Zero Pavilion, the Future Food District, the Children’s Park and the Biodiversity Pavilion. The Palazzo Italia will be the heart of the Expo: the large exposition area is made up of polyhedral shapes that fit into each other.


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10 Questions: Giovanna Brambilla


Graduated in Economics at Bocconi University, Giovanna Brambilla started her career as marketing manager at Calzaturificio di Varese, part of Benetton Group.

In 1992 she became part of TMC Amrop International, a Human Resources consulting group, as responsible for research, then became consultant and partner of the TMP Worldwide Search.

Mrs Brambilla has been part of board of director of Alumni Bocconi for four years.

Nowadays with significative experience in Industrial, Customer, Fashion and Luxury goods, she is a partner at Value Research, a human resources consulting firm that helps companies to find leaders and specialists within Europe.

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London in Los Angeles

Union Jack and American flags line the entrance, iron Georgian gates, an English garden with towering trees, fragrant British roses and lavender, Coldstreams Guards wearing the uniform on duty with red jackets and black busby.. no I’m not talking about London, but I’m talking about the last Burberry event that took place on the 16th of April in Los Angeles for the opening of its new flagship store on Rodeo Drive (inaugurated last November).

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10 Questions to Alberto Festa, President BULGARI USA By Linda & Federica

Here we are with a very special interview to a “big” of Luxury field: Our protagonist of the day is Alberto Festa.

We had the chance to meet him during a lesson fully dedicated to the luxury watch sector, his passion and carisma completely stole our attention and that’s why we asked him to go more in deep for what concerns his career and experience.

He is part of the Bulgari family from Sept 2000, he worked as Area Managing Director for Italy and South Europe, managing the second largest market of company in all product categories. From Jan 2012 he became President North America, managing US and Canada for all channels DOS, wholesale and perfume.

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Personal shopper experience at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur


The majestic Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur has introduced for its special international guests an added and particular service, the personal shopper experience program, offering them a kind of retail therapy at the Malaysian’ capital’s two luxury malls, Suria KLCC and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

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10 QUESTIONS TO MVP – When tradition meets talent


Maria Vittoria Paolillo is an amazing young jewelry design.

Her passion for jewelry started a long time ago. During her childhood she used to play with gems while her father was working in the family business office.

After the gemology studies, which have given her the deepest knowledge in the world of jewelry, and her constant travel experiences that have inspired her new creations, Maria Vittoria decided to take the field inventing a brand of her own: MVP.

The decision to hide her name behind an acronym was done to create a separation and a sense of freedom and independence form the Paolillo’s family company, linked uniquely to the precious gems world, and to confront herself with more affordable materials like silver.

MVP was born from the awareness of her family tradition and from the need to be emancipated. MVP collection has merged the artisan tradition with a young and irreverent aesthetics, without overlooking the care for details and the constant research of materials.

ritratto Maria Vittoria 0943_1okbw

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10 Questions to Carlo Mazzoni

Carlo Mazzoni is an Italian writer and journalist based in Milan.
We decided to interview him because of his new challenge, the launch of his new magazine The Fashionable Lampoon.


Q: You have a background made of very different experiences. Which is the fil rouge that connects all? Which is the activity that rapresents you the most?

A: Well definitelly, I’m a dentist! (laughing ed), I have a degree in medecine; people define me as the “fashion acrobat”, like crazy! My first article was published on Vogue Italia, I was 23 years old and in the meanwhile I had the dream to publish a romance; the dream came true in 2007 when “I Postromantici” was published. Later on in 2009 and 2011 other two romances came out, “Disordine” and “Due amici” and I decided to found with Martina Mondadori “Memoria”, holding that nowadays is in charge of all my editorials projects. Without any doubt the activity that mostly represents myself is writing. Writing romances is a dream, fashion publishing is a job. I see fashion as a lively sector, energetic, rilevant abroad, part of a worlwide system that still brings values and economic rilevance to Italy. Continue reading “10 Questions to Carlo Mazzoni”

Valentino’s biggest flagship store is coming soon… in Rome!


Exactly on the 9th of July of the current year, Valentino will be pleased to open its Rome flagship store, the biggest in the world. The opening ceremony will be a special event: after eight years from the catwalk with which Valentino Garavani said goodbye to Rome, the couture collection will exceptionally leave Paris to return to the Capital where everything was born.

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Interview with Madina Visconti di Modrone: “A thin line between fine and fashion jewelry”

Madina 1

Twenty -four-year old jewelry designer Madina Visconti di Modrone, who is following in her mother’s footsteps, has created a line for the the brand Osanna e Madina Visconti di Modrone by combining her sense of style with her love for nature. She associates nature with her childhood and with the recollection of the time spent in her garden, in Grazzano Visconti, near Piacenza, where she used to revel in the different varieties of flowers and plants. A ring she always wears – made from a stone she picked up in the garden- is a reminder of those happy years which are also reflected in her early creations of ivy flower and feather headbands, a harmonious synthesis of present, past and future.

atelier madina

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M&A’s in Luxury? Italian brands the victims of the last 20 years

A definition of luxury comes from Euromonitor delimiting it to 75 large companies present in different areas, for a total revenues of $ 200 billion, with an average figure of 2,3mld and with smaller companies that bill around 200 million.

The first ten companies of this list account for 55% of the totality of the brands; all luxury companies except for Chanel are included in the list. LVMH is the biggest with a value of 21 billion dollars. Italy is only represented by Luxottica taking the fourth place on the list. The second position is taken by the Swiss Richemont, followed by Estée Lauder, ending finally with Swatch Group and Kering.

Since 2000, the process of M&A’s are driven by three factors: globalization of the brand, vertical integration, consolidation to achieve economies of scale.

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CHANEL chooses NET-A-PORTER for online debut

A trip around the world, extravagant pieces of art and even your life partner… there are few things in life you can’t order online, but CHANEL fine jewelry is one of them. Until now.

For the first time, the prestigious Parisian brand’s new line of fine jewels will be available to order on the internet, as Net-a-Porter launches a dedicated digital pop-up shop.


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Expo 2015 starts today @La Triennale!


From today, until the first of November, the exhibition “Arts and Foods, Rituals since 1851” will be hosted by La Triennale.
It is the first pavilion to inaugurate Expo 2015, with surprising advance.
Offering 7000 square meters between the garden and the building, the exposition edited by Germano Celant, has been set up by Italo Rota with the graphic support of Irma Boom.
It is an overview of the ritual of eating since 1851, year of the first Expo, hosted in London, until today, with the last Expo around the corner.
Fifteen scenarios of the approaches of families to food, as it is lived in its preparation and its share, in the course of two centuries.

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Green Luxury presents “WORN AGAIN”


While there is hunger for a solution to textile waste, designing it out of the system will not happen without consumer involvement and incentives, one  will be around the perceived value of clothing, not necessarily of the garments themselves, but of the resources they represent. This will be the incentive for retailers, because for how long is a business model based on depleting virgin resources really sustainable?” (C.Rhoades, New York Times)


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Aesthetic symbiosis – a decade later

It’s been more than 12 years since Herzog & De Meuron‘s Prada store in Tokyo marked a groundbreaking movement of fashion retail design. In an era when Omotesandō avenue in Tokyo was heading to become a Japanese version of Champs-Élysées or Via Montenapoleone, fashion retails were cropping up like mushrooms after rain. Famous Italian fashion duo – Miuccia Prada & Patrizio Bertelli decided to invite famous Swiss architectural duo – Jacques Herzog & Pierre De Meuron, to design their new Japanese ‘Epicenter’. As nothing less then a success could have been expected from this team up, Prada opened their door in 2003, as a second major player in this street, forestalled only by Louis Vuitton in 2002.


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Is Hip-Hop influence on fashion destroying luxury brands?

Popular labels such as Yves Saint Laurent and Maybach declare that the constant repetition of their brand names in Hip-Hop songs have led to negative sales results. With some exception with popular rappers, luxury brands have problems holding down this trend. After the 2Chainz sang about his YSL belt buckle in “No Lie”, the YSL’s management decided to drop their “easily mentionable abbreviation” and adopt Saint Laurent Paris instead.

“It is to send a signal to artists who throw the name around playfully. This distances the brand from hip hop but it also distances the brand from caricature”, Web Smith said.

Is Hip-Hop influence on luxury brands only negative? Is this issue cultural related?

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