Food and Fashion by E. Marinella

In the last years fashion brands have largely exploited the relationship with food.
Today I will talk about E. Marinella, who will make the official tie for the Expo 2015. The Neapolitan brand has been chosen for designing the tie that will be given to the authorities and the representatives of the participant countries as a symbol of the Italian taste.
“Being chosen as official supplier of a worldwide event such as Expo is for us a great honour and reason of national pride, but also of great responsibility. With our ties we spread Italian taste, culture and style in the world”, says Maurizio Marinella, CEO of the company and nephew of the founder.


On the blue background, little circles with the colours of the Italian flag symbolise multicultural integration, whereas on the backside there is the Italian Pavilion logo.

It is not the first time that Marinella exploits the relationship between food and fashion. In 2012 their advertising campaign, made by a collaboration between d’Angiò Communication and Foolbite Communication and Visual Design Agency, was recognised as one of the most creative advertising ideas at a global level.

MAR_Adv_brioches_250X330_MON    MAR_adv_220x335_LIV    MAR_Adv_gelato_250X330_MON

The name of the campaign is The Taste for Elegance and is made of nine subjects, which reinvent the symbol of the tie playing on the duo taste and good taste. Some of them recall some Italian symbols while others aim to recall the foreign cities where Marinella’s boutiques are: a tea cup for the store in London inaugurated in 2011, a croissant for the department store Bon Marché in Paris, or the sushi for the boutique in Tokyo.

MAR_Adv_gelato_250X330_MON   MAR_Adv_caffe_250X330_MON   MAR_Adv_teaBaku_229X275_4SE

In 2013, a funny advertising campaign, not strictly connected with food, took inspiration from The Taste for Elegance. This campaign, Passion for Elegance, interprets sports as a meaning of passion, elegance and a way of living, through the most appreciated sports by Italians: soccer, golf and sailing.



Food and fashion was a topic for Marinella also last year when the brand met Voiello in an extraordinary event for celebrating the excellence of Neapolitan tradition.

New packaging and new shapes for the pasta of the Voiello brand, part of the Barilla Group, that chose Marinella’s showroom in Milan for its launching.

Marinella was founded in 1914 and according to Maurizio Marinella’s words, the 80% of the turnover is made in Italy. Despite this, the brand has recently started its expansion through China deciding to penetrate the market starting from Hong Kong, a city where most of the luxury brands strategies start. The international retail evolution began around 10 years ago with the new monobrand openings and the collaborations with selected retailers in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Usa.

The most important market abroad is Japan, where the consolidated clientele counts for the 15% of the total turnover but this is due to the fact that Japanese culture is one of the closest to the Italian one in terms of manufacturing details.
“Regarding the expansion in China I’ve always been worried and hesitant. The market is so big for a brand like ours that doesn’t provide a mass production. I’m not interested in growth if this influences the quality”, says Marinella’s CEO, who also sentences that their daily demand for ties is 800 pieces but the production is voluntarily kept at 200 pieces per day.
It seems that the strength of the brand is strictly connected to the powerful passion that the entrepreneur has for the company inherited by his grandfather. In 2013 an Indian group offered 85 million for buying the company and he refused. If we consider that Marinella has a small medium enterprise turnover, around 15 million per year, the choice must have been very tempting.
However, to the question “Why?”, Maurizio Marinella said: “Because there is too much passion, too much emotion in me”.

Marta Bussi



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