Prada reviving perspectives / Corners by Martino Gamper

Consumer perception is everything to luxury brands and can be shaped significantly at the product display level. Brands have only seconds to capture a customer’s attention, convey an important message and convince them to stop by. To that end, window display execution must go beyond basic merchandising and play a sensitive game, between art and fashion, combined with design and architecture. Although awareness of window display effectiveness have grown in past years among main luxury players, brands who have truly mastered this aspect are few.

Launching new ‘Corners‘ series of window displays, in a collaboration with Martino Gamper, Italian born – London based designer, Prada once again proved who, among few, pulls the strings in fashion business. Creativity of products plays a crucial role in a buying decision, but what definitely increases brand awareness and create affection for a brand, are windows.

The design draws its inspiration from perspective, fragments and contrasts between natural materials. Those elements are enhanced by the simplicity of a corner which is a common thread for all the displays. Corners is a space within a space, making each display a unique story designed to evolve with the seasons.

This is what Mr.Gamper says about creative inspiration for this project. Working for years with wooden furniture and objects, using a wood was a logical choice for this London based designer. Combination of simplicity of material together with strong and contemporary shapes, as well as natural with digital aspects, these windows are perfect match for Prada‘s new collection.

Apart from their unquestionable effectiveness and irresistible simplicity, what is so special about these windows? Well, in the time when companies spend ridiculous amounts of money for their stores and windows development, Prada showed how building an amazing retail display image doesn’t necessarily require limitless budget. Avoiding expensive marble or golden, as well as infeasible shapes and installations, Prada proved that really sometimes less is more.

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