Swedish (organic) innovation in cosmetics

Would you believe in serums and creams made up of 100% algae, organic blueberries or roses?

Schermata 2015-03-26 alle 19.10.23

Pernilla Rönnberg founded Swedish skin care house Estelle & Thild in 2007. Uncomfortably aware of the harmful chemicals and unnatural ingredients liberally used by many skin care brands, Pernilla began to think about the future world in which her daughters, Estelle and Mathilde, should grow up: this is the main reason why the brand draws from cutting edge scientific research and uses pure bio-active ingredients.


“In the beauty world, does not take into account the environment and ethical issues for me is very out of fashion,” said Pernilla in an interview. Ex dermatologist and environmentalist, she works hard with his team to promote better skin therapy that nature can offer.


Shortly after launching, Estelle & Third obtained an instant and huge success throughout Scandinavia while receiving accolades in the international press. Actually Estelle & Thild’s wide range of products can be found in over 1,300 stores worldwide, plus it will be introduced in Sephora France very soon. Pernilla’s pioneering work invites women to start an effective skin care regime with a conscience.

Estelle & Thild itself as a luxury skincare line (prices can testify it), which uses the most cutting-edge scientific research to find the next elixir for the skin created with plants and other natural elements. Some of the ingredients: wheat protein for a clearer skin, oat extract to soothe and finally almond oil to moisturize. Even the packaging is completely recyclable in order to satisfy ecological and fashionable women desires.

Stars like Beyonce and Penelope Cruz have been adopted this natural trend, praising the results.



In 2014 one of their best-seller products has won the prestigious prize given by Elle magazine.










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