Fendi for fountains

 Fendi&Rome, a love story.

The long relationship between Fendi and Rome, its hometown, is a love story overwhelming and inspiring, able to overcome the barriers of time.

In 2013 Fendi decided to give a tribute to the Eternal City, where beauty and water are everywhere, funding the restoration of the Trevi Fountain and the Complex of the Four fountains, for this action Fendi  donated more than 2 million euro without asking anything in return, it will be pure cultural patronage.

Fendi gave a contribution of 320,000 Euro for the restoration of the complex of four fountains.


After less than a year, the Roman fashion house Fendi returns to the city of Rome, the complex of four fountains situated between Via del Quirinale and Via delle Quattro Fontane.


The restoration began in June 2014, that part of the project has had a lasting record of nine months. The intervention, 25 years after the last restoration (1989-1990), was produced by Carlo Usai under the direction of technical and scientific supervision of Superintendence Capitoline to cultural heritage.

The end of the restoration of the complex of the four fountains adds another element to the project for Fendi fountains,” said Pietro Beccari, president and CEO of Fendi. “We are very proud to have brought this complex to its original splendor and we are waiting anxiously for the completion of the restoration of the Trevi Fountain.”

The Departments of Culture of Rome comunicated a boom of visitors to the “Restoration on display” of the Trevi Fountain  At one month of opening were 250 thousand tourists and Romans who have stood on the observation deck that allows, for the first time, the ‘enter’ in the yard and see the fountain from a whole new perspective.

The average was 1,200 people per hour for the innovative site. Tours are now also possible in the morning, from 9.30 until 21.30. The classic coin toss continues thanks to rhe spectacular set located in front of the fountain.


The project “The Glory of Water” culminated in July 2013 with a major event in Paris, where Fendi celebrated the opening of the new boutique in Avenue Montaigne:  an unique multi-sensory experience set on the banks of the Seine.

King of the soirée, Karl Lagerfeld.

He decided to immortalize the most beautiful fountains in Rome.

Art and fashion run together to celebrate the beauty and the history of a city that gives you emotions just walking all aroud.


Ludovica Quagliato


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