Bye bye diva!

Gisele tchau

Few days ago, Gisele Bündchen announced her retirement from the runway. The world’s best payed top model has been working since 14 years old, now with 34 has decided to pass more time with her family – she is mom of two little kids, Benjamim and Vivian and married with a famous american football player Tom Brady-. Her farewell is going to be in the next São Paulo Fashion Week that is going to happen from April 13 to 17, modeling for the Brazilian fashion brand Colcci, which has been in partnership with the model for a long time. Gisele Colcci Gisele’s earnings get attention: last year they reached $47 Million, putting her again on the top of the most payed models, where she stands since 7 years. She is also ranked as 56th most powerful celebrity and 89th most powerful woman in the world. However the Brazilian icon retirement will not affect her earnings that much, considering that catwalks are not so lucrative but provide exposure, necessary for models -but not for Gisele-. Bündchen’s real moneymakers? Equity and endorsement deals. Along with lucrative advertising campaigns for H&M, Chanel and Carolina Herrera, Gisele gets a cut of sales from the jelly sandals she designs for Brazilian shoemaker Grendene. The face of Pantene hair products and Oral-B in Brazil, Bundchen’s line of Hope lingerieGisele Bundchen Intimates — also plumps up her paycheck.

“Gisele is our best brand today. We still have lots of room for growth in Brazil, but we have to think strategically where we want to grow and we want to be a global brand.” Fabio Figueiredo – Hope lingerie’s

Gisele intimates Be part of a brand strategy is really fundamental for the model’s career, considering that the economist Fred Fled created in 2007 “The Gisele Bündchen Stock Index”. At the time, Fuld found out that was up 15% between May and July 2007, substantially surpassing the Dow Jones, which was up just 8.2%. With list of clients that includes powerhouses such as LVMH, New Corp. and Procter & Gamble, Bündchen’s stock index was up 29% by the end of 2007, while the American index had a gain of 6.5%. Definitely higher and proved by science. Gisele index Her capability to attract money makes of her a star of campaigns from mass market to the luxury one, really versatile. At the Brazilian World Cup she was the one that presented the World Cup trophy secured into a Louis Vuitton traveling case to the public – to be sincere  according to Facebook opinions that time Brazilians preferred her to award the winners  than the President Dilma Rouseff -. Gisele Copa The best seller Chanel n°5 also chose the icon as a protagonist, with a campaign produced by Baz Luhrmann – director of The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge-. Probably this fragrance is the most profitable of the mason, thing that justifies the investment of US$ 20 millions for a 3 minutes video.

Gisele n5

If I had to list all her recents campaigns, this post would last forever, so below follow just few examples. Gisele-Louis Vuitton Gisele balenciaga Gisele Stuart Gisele Pucci Bye bye diva, hope to see you in a lot of new campaigns. Catarine Cantamessa


Images sources:ündchen-for-emilio-pucci-fw-1415-campaign-by-mario-sorrenti.html

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