Brunello Cucinelli and the Renaissance of Manufacturing

Friday the 20th of March, a particular business interview took place in one of the most beautiful buildings of Vicenza. In the context of the Festival Città Impresa, Brunello Cucinelli was invited to talk with Stefano Micelli about his entrepreneurial vision at the palladian Olimpic Theatre.


The luxury entrepreneur explains how his company developped starting from the word dignity: “I wanted to give economic and human dignity to work. This is what we have to find again. If I give dignity, this will generate responsability and responsability will generate creativity”.
For the economist Stefano Micelli, author of Artisan Future: Innovation in the hands of Italians awarded with the design prize Compasso d’Oro in 2014, is crucial to innovate the concept of growth: “We are rethinking the value of work. There is the necessity to imagine the chance to put in the middle the person along with the economic growth. The two things are not separate”.
Nowadays industry is thought as a space that marginalizes the person, whereas the culture of human dignity cannot be recognized at a later stage. A new market and a new customer is developping, able to appreciate a product for the value of the person that produces it. For this reason it is possible to speak about Manufacturing Renaissance and for Stefano Micelli Italy can be an example.

“We’ve overcome a period of crise not only economically, but also morally and spiritually”, says Cucinelli, “now there is a great rebirth. It is mandatory to invest in ideals, family, territory. It is a global rebith”.
In this vision, a relevant role is given to the young generation. Brunello Cucinelli’s school is a model to follow, as pioneer example of what the educational system should do for supporting its relationship with the working experience, in different fields such as art, dancing or agriculture.
For the entrepreneur, italian “schools are special; we are different because we are flexible and humanists. For this reason, we italians have a higher rate of geniality, which comes from our culture”.
Not only dignity for the human being, but also for the environment, because it is a duty to take care of its aesthetics and requalification.

In 2014 the italian brand achieved 355,9 millions net earnings, with a 10,4% growth, a 63 millions ebitda (+8,4%) and a net profit of 31,8% millions (+7,5%).
The international markets are the most important for the brand with a growth of 12,4%, whereas the italian market  growth was 2,7%. Sales grew in all the distribution channels, monobrand retail  with a growth of 28,6%, monobrand wholesale with an increase of 14,3% and multibrand wholesale 1,5%.
The president and CEO Brunello Cucinelli is predicting a double figures growth for 2015 as well.
When a person first listens to Brunello Cucinelli talking he or she might think: “This man is a visionary!”, but when it comes to numbers we understand that his visionary philosophy for a new way of producing is worth to be listened.

Marta Bussi


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