Virtue lies in balance

Florence, Santa Trinità square, Palazzo Spini Feroni.
The perfect location for the Salvatore Ferragamo museum.
Entering in the building the first thing you see is the entrance of the store and you ask yourself “where is the museum?”.
Turning left here it is: some stairs appear, going underground, already intriguing me.

Arriving downstairs the first thing that catches my attention is the wall, in front of myself, fully covered of Ferragamo’s shoes, from the thirties, but still contemporary.
Next to it, the shapes of some celebrities’ feet Salvatore Ferragamo worked for, from Marylin Monroe, to baby George.
So far so good, a travel back in time!




However, what really got me was the kind of concept behind the museum.
Not about the brand itself, not product oriented, nothing about the glory of the firm.
The main idea behind it is the Balance, as the exhibition has been titled.
Salvatore Ferragamo studied the anatomy of the foot, its arc and he discovered that, when we stand up, the wight of our body rests on this arc.
He started making his revolutionary shoes always with this idea behind, treating the foot as an inverse pendulum.

Bronze foot, Roman times
Bronze foot, Roman times

“The shoes thus guide the equilibrium of the body as it walks” (Salvatore Ferragamo).
Sculptures, paintings, visual art, photografies and interviews are just some type of media in the exposition.
It is a tribute to dancing, a glorification of walking and strolling, an eulogy to being barefoot or on his toes..the exaltation of the foot in any situation.
The project joined important art galleries, museums , foundations and private collections .
Matisse, Picasso, Klee, Rodin and Marina Abramović are just few names of the artist that we found at the museum.

Red Woman Acrobat Hanging from a Rope(1996), George Segal
Red Woman Acrobat Hanging from a Rope(1996), George Segal
Marina Abramovic e Ulay, The Lovers, The Great Wall Walk, 1988/2010.
Marina Abramovic e Ulay, The Lovers, The Great Wall Walk, 1988/2010.

Last but not least, some well-known personalities made a testimony about the importance of the Equilibrium, for their jobs and lives: between them, the ballet dancer Eleonora Abbagnato, the architect and engineer Cecil Blamon, the writer Will Self and the alpinist Reinhold Messner.
So, this was my presentation about the Ferragamo museum in florence: not about the brand itself as I thought it would have been.
A 360° degree artistic experience starting from the concept of balance.
In my opinion, very well done!

Arianna Arcai


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