We own 60% of the worldwide artistic patrimony, one of the best or maybe The best kitchen in the world, companies able to produce the most beautiful and desirable items but it’s not enogh. Everyone run away from our fashion week after four days. Why?


Why the anxiety to run on the Champs Elysees predominates on the interest for the main fashion characters, the Italians one, able since ever to astonish and enchant with unique pieces, rich in “savoir fair”, always ambassador of the notorious and sometimes abused “Made in Italy”?

Maybe there’s a key word to answer this question, always the same, that I personally think it encloses the one and only way of escape/safety for Italy: innovation.

Innovate to attract, innovate to avoid that on our glorious origins come down the shades, but rather can shine the lights of a future that still has so much to show.

We are always so arrogant, that even today, we believe that a few well-designed fashion shows, a party with open bar and maybe an opening of a new store, may be enough to attract buyers, journalists and people in the fashion industry. The international fashion system accuse us of being poor of new talents, unable to bring prestige and prominence to young designers, because we are obsessed by the idea that “old is better”.

So, season after season, we try to compete or perhaps i should say  fight, with fashion capitals that year after year enriched content and new names: London and New York always leader in terms of innovation, able to mix old glories with the rising stars of fashion. And then there’s Paris, that stands out for a fashion week that attracts influencers from all around the world and makes the city shine when the Haute Couture takes place, with names such as Valentino e Giambattista Valli that enchant with dresses closer to art pieces.

Models Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner present creations by German designer Lagerfeld as part of his Autumn/Winter 2015/2016 women's ready-to-wear collection for French fashion house Chanel during Paris Fashion Week


The need to innovate is the basis of any society able to see in the future not a threat, but a resource: certainly changes always require a quantity of resources in economics and logistics terms to be reckoned with, but it would be more productive to invest in new rather than clean the old things from the dust?


…We will see…

Giulia Nora

Sources: google image


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