How to pronunce the hardest names in fashion

World economic crisis, youth unemployment rising, pollution, melting glaciers. These are just some of the problems that afflict humanity, but there is one, that nobody talks about, that every year destroys poor designers convinced of their reputation : HOW TO PRONUNCE THEIR NAMES.

About this topic everyone has his own point of view, there’s who believes that the right way is to spell it with his accent and who, becoming translator for a night, try to pronunce it using the original accent related to a designer. But who, at least once in a lifetime, asked himself  “How the hell you say Givenchy??!”

So there we have an ironic, pop, cool and rebellious video made by i-D, very coherent with the mood of the magazine, which shows us the correct pronunciation and spelling from A of Azzedine Alaia to Z of Zegna.

Have a look & learn from it!


Giulia Nora

Source: i-D channel on youtube


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