Valentino FW15 and Zoolander

Valentino Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Italian label Valentino’s runway show during Paris Fashion Week is generating social media attention due to a surprise appearance. Zoolander on the catwalk of Valentino: surprise, after a very serious collection, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson appear on the catwalk getting a standing ovation from the audience.

UnknownThe actors were the show finale, doing a walk-off as their characters from the 2001 comedic film Zoolander. With the bevy of runway shows happening back to back, this quirky ending to the show helped Valentino get noticed by fashion fans, bloggers and popular media. Ironic move, exaggerating the moves of the models and even taking the Selfie rite. It is a stroke of genius, a scratched clever two creatives who have nothing to prove, indeed, can dare even the luxury of making fun of themself.


But this ironic and her great effect (its viral power network and the media will be overwhelming) arrive like clockwork to explain to those who have not yet understood the sea change of the whole system.


Valentino, in fact, is perhaps one of the most iconic brands in terms of reworking of its own tradition: the numbers speak for themselves and the growth (as reported by CEO Stefano Sassi) is not only in double figures, but one of the best in the market. The work of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, then, it was great and emblematic: even with this collection, fished culture is aesthetics linked to two muses and artists (Louise Emilie Flöge, partner of Gustav Klimt, and his wife Celia Birtwell Ossie Clark and idol David Hockney) actualize, simplify and making dress a cultural large and complicated. As always, prove not only to be able to make the jump from idea to dress, but also from inspiration to the industrialization of fabrics and details (admirable lace polychrome, called “fusion lace”, practically a work of high fashion became prêt-à-portér).


A closer inspection, however, this past made modern begins to feel the weight of a certain repetitiveness: everything is perfect as always, but something needs to make a new step forward, an unexpected leap as that to which the two designers have always used their audience.images-2images

This season there are Zoolander main characters to attract the attention such as during the high fashion there was a message of love pop that made center above all other collections. Because, in a sense, Chiuri and Piccioli are the best emblem of the sector: in hand have the keys of contemporary fashion (superior craftsmanship, illustrious past, merchandising strength, maximum skill in the accessories, the desire to open their creativity to other creative and other sectors) and in head have a new, disruptive awareness of what can be pop without being trivial. Now we have to put all these achievements in an additional bet. The first have won obtaining the market. The second remains still to be played.

Let’s see what’s happen.

Linda Pittis



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