“Mood for Food” by Marella


The current year will be so successful for the city of Milan. This multicultural city will host the universal exhibition, Expo 2015 from the beginning of May to the end of October.

More than 140 countries will partecipate in this extraordinary event, showing their technologies in the food sector and how they are able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, respecting the equilibrium of Planet at the same time.

The theme of the Expo 2015 will be Feeding the Planet, energy for life and so strictly related to the Food. Each country will show its creativity and innovation in the creation of typical dishes in order to make people taste the world’s best dishes and find out agri-food and gastronomic traditions of each of the exhibitor countries.

ingedienti pasta e pomodoro

On this occasion, Marella ( Max Mara brand) in collaboration with an Italian famous architect and illustrator have decided to create a collection entirely dedicated to Food, calling it Mood for food. This funny capsule collection turns around three main elements: food, women and irony.

It consists of six different sleeveless or short sleeves t-shirt made with organic cotton representing food pics. Of course on the shirts will be printed only Italian Food and all the excellence of made in Italy such as liquirice or rice, saffron or red onions from Tropea ( South of Italy).

images    Unknown

These ingredients are matched with different colors and different mood. Since Marella created this collection taking the inspiration from the Expo, It will be presented in the flagship store in Milan just during the Expo opening ceremony.

As Annalisa Beghelli stated: this idea came up from my willing to combine women universe and food world, personalities and flavors as well as mood and food. The project was born just for the desire to talk about food but taking in consideration women and telling their stories subtly and ironically. Throughout the realization of this idea and thanks to Marella, I’ve had the chance to express myself as best I could because these are the key points of my personality and professionalism. 

Dalila Coppeta







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