The Ambassador of the Florentine style







In 2002 the prestigious department store chain Saks Fifth Avenue recognized Liverano & Liverano Sartoria as the “Best of the Best”. This award goes along with an endless list of acknowledgements received by Maestro Liverano. Looking at his masterpieces is already enough to quickly understand the greatest level of his creations. The prizes and the awards in front of his bespoke appear reducing, since they cannot speak about the colours, the feeling in touching the precious garments and the history behind any piece.


Located in the heart of Florence, the Liverano’s Atelier, has just one little window, from where are displayed few pieces, some jackets, one suit, some foulards, the result is an explosion of brillant colours. The warm yellow light which comes from the inside of the Atelier brushes the precious garments. Once oversteped the door the feeling is like to be surrounded by the history of the place and of the creations, it is like a crossroads between the stories of the people who work here and the customers who visit this Sartoria.


Everything in this Atelier speaks about luxury, the purest luxury. The feelings of exclusiveness, uniqueness, discretion, passion and the research of beautiness surround the atmosphere. Maestro Antonio Liverano arrived in Florence in the 1950, he went through the history of the sartoria fiorentina, many other great Florentine tailors over the time disappeared for different reasons and now he is considered as the Ambassador of the Florentine style in the world.


Those at the top of the classic menswear sector, recognize Liverano’s bespoke as a must and his style is pretty different from the sartoria napoletana.

“The Liverano’s look is of a short, clean jacket with slanting front darts off to the side to add shape to the waist. The shoulders are slightly extended, unpadded and cleanly made. The quarters beneath the buttoning point sweep quite strongly. The trousers are slim with a strong taper and worn with no break or only a slight break. The overall effect is masculine and sharp.”[1]


The excellence of the garments, the richness of the colours selection, the greatest attention for the details make any piece tailored by Maestro Liverano and his collaborators a symphony of harmony. Maestro Liverano is not only considered as the Ambassador of the Florentine style but he is also a guardian of an Italian taste, which he loves to transmit to his loyal customers, suggesting combinations of colours, fabrics, and the best cuts according to the pesonal style. In a place as this one the surprises and secrets never end and in fact Maestro Liverano owns a private collection of vintage fabrics, even wider of Loro Piana’s one.


His unrivaled talent and the richness of the extraordinary and rare selection of garments he owns and which he wisely mix in his bespoke, attract customer from all over the world. His customers have an understated and extremely elegant style, they are sophisticated people and they do not want any compromise. They are in search of the absoulte luxury, the ultimate level of the su misura. And yes, of course among them there are also top managers and celebrities, but their names are thoroughly kept secret by Maestro Liverano.


The majority of his loyal customers come from Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul and New York. In these global cities he is present with corners, in case of Tokyo at United Arrows, and in Hong Kong and New York at The Armoury. Despite the presence of the corners in these cities, the customers want to discover the Atelier in Florence, and they are willing to have a long journey, since it is a part of the charm and of the story in order to be able to own one of the about a hundred of bespoke sewed every year.


But also Maestro Liverano, on his side he never stops to move and this is why he visits togehther with his loyal Japanese collaborator, Mr Takahiro Osaki, Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York for bespoke orders three times a year.

Mr Takahiro Osaki, who is in charge of the sales and of the fabric selection and currently working on the new “weekend line” of informal ready-to-wear clothes, in the short movie present on the Liverano & Liverano’s website, likes to quote what Maestro Antonio always says to him: “you have to look the world 360 degrees, everything, you cannot just watch the clothes”. And this is what Maestro Liverano does every day since long time, thanks to his great vision, he attracts global customers. Maestro Liverano shows every day that from a little boutique in a tight street of Florence his unique creations can let dream people all over the world. But what about the price? Well, that’s just so irrelevant detail.


Mario Marcucci


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