Word of mouth vs. Advertisement

What do you think about how we actually get to know brands? If you ask small or large companies enterpreneurs, marketing specialists and branding consultants which is the best vehicle to create awareness and especially reputation among brands they will reply word of mouth. Of course concretely seeing a product among people, and knowing their opinion (hopefully positive), or seeing a eye-catching and emotional store is an outstanding vehicle to increase awareness and reputation among brands, more than if you see the product placed in movies or on TV commercials. An example of a brand who spread quickly in an effective way? Kiko Cosmetics. kiko5 Kiko was founded in 1997 by Percassi. The initially little and unknown made-in-Italy brand started its journey in Bergamo and now has more than 600 stores spread in 33 countries. My question is: have you ever seen this brand on a TV commercial like other cosmetic brands?   … right, I didn’t think so. So what is the secret behind the boom ofthis brand? Advertisement?  …no!    Kiko has a particular impact in terms of word of mouth and retail strategy in terms of location and type of store: all stores are very small, which means the rental costs are not too high, they include a wide variety of products, and are very inviting stores. When you enter a Kiko store you feel like you are in a “colorful urban chic wonderland”, these stores have an emotional impact on the majority of women which probably think: “ ooh cool small store, let me go check what’s in it quickly”.. (and then probably get lost looking at the products and their prices and testing them). Moreover the costs of the products are low and this, along with all the aspects above, make the brand a winning one especially among young targets. Although this brand doesn’t invest in commercials, they invest a lot in retail and visual merchandising strategy, and digital e-commerce marketing (since 2009). Kiko is active on social networks- other very influential reputation creation tools, and has an app with advantages for customers. In 2015 Kiko reached and passed 2 million fans on Fb. Application: kiko2Facebook:kiko1 This represents and interesting case of how a brand may not need particular advertisements to grow. Sources: http://www.pambianconews.com http://www.bewe.it/2013/04/23/lezione-di-passaparola-kiko-insegna/ http://www.kikocosmetics.it

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