Milan Fashion Week: let’s start again!


No more beautiful models walking down the streets, no more photographers taking a picture of “no matter what”, no more fashionistas posing with their best outfit and looking for the best shot to be put on Instagram… Milan Fashion week (MFW) is over and it’s the right time to take stock of the Italian economy actual situation.

After having seen 73 catwalk shows and 74 presentations, ranging from big names to up-and-coming designers, sales for the Italian womenswear industry will keep on growing  in 2015, especially driven by exports.


“The effect of the weaker euro and the fall of the oil price will be a great opportunity for Italian fashion industry”, says Mario Boselli, head of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, “it’s a crucial moment to turn the page, to move on and to measure the reactivity of the Made in Italy companies because the depreciation of the single European currency offers an immediate competitiveness to them, which are obviously projected abroad”.


So optimism is finally in the air and, after 3 years of almost uninterrupted recession, Italy seems ready to start again, even without a strong presence of Russian buyers, because of the rouble and oil price fall, compensated by other buyers coming especially from United States, UK and Germany. Notwithstanding this, it’s important to remark the fact that the Italian economy is still suffering internally: as indicated by Claudio Marenzi, head of the SMI (Sistema Moda Italia), the first semester of 2015 will be pretty similar to the previous year. In 2014, in fact, the turnover was 52,393 billion euro (+3,3%), with 28,484 billion coming from the export. More precisely, the graphic below is a comparison between 2014 and the first semester of 2015 dealing with the textile and fashion sector export.

Schermata 2015-03-09 alle 22.19.08

“The general 2014 turnover of the fashion and textile Italian industry is positive, but the reason is mainly due to the export growth, while internal consumption keep on decreasing (-4%) even if less than in 2013”, continues Mr. Marenzi. What about the future? Projections for the future are even better: experts expect 2015 to be a favorable year and they hope that this positive trend will be confirmed by the fashion shows and by 3 important exhibitions (White, Super and Mipap), taking place in Milan more or less during the same period of MFW. The general optimism is also supported by the forecasts made by Fashion Economic Trends about the grow within the Italian fashion industry: “In January, during the man fashion shows we expected the turnover to increase by 1,6% in the first semester, but I am convince that, because of the new economical situation, we will do better and we will improve. This is the moment to start again”, states Mr. Boselli.


Giulia Ferrari–115545.php?uuid=ABVTm94C

Fashion magazine n°5 del 24.02.2015

Photo credit:

Laura Manfredi (–115545.php?uuid=ABVTm94C

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