Fashion 2.0

Internet changes the way of telling and selling products on the catwalk .


One second after the beginning of the show, the catwalks are online .

The mystery that has always hovered on the fashion collections seems to be evaporated.


Blame (or credit, depending on interpretation) of social networks, which bounce nearly simultaneous images of clothes and accessories, with a wealth of detail that meets any question and satisfies the curiosity of those who, from fashion shows, have been out, maybe just because they are on the other side of the world.

The plot of the walkways remains the same, but the way to tell is completely different than just a few years ago.

This ‘detachment’ narrative requires to the actors of fashion fairytale  a change of route, the “dear old” magazines are not enough any more.



Overseas, the CFDA (the ‘Council’ in charge of the New York Fashion Week) has ridden the news and, after changing the name to the event, having acquired the official calendar and left the historic location of the Lincoln Center for the benefit of private stage, has recently announced an exceptional partner for the upcoming men’s fashion week in the Big Apple: nothing less than Amazon.amazon_argentina

The e-commerce giant will be the official sponsor of the event, at its debut in July.

It would not be surprising if , thanks to this alliance , the look of the shows were immediately available on the online retailers , as already happens with some brand scheduled in other cities.

If the United States the change of pace is obvious, in Italy, the impression is that the actors involved are still evaluating each other’s strengths. For the fashion shows in February, in fact, there were no major changes, although there were some doubts. “It’s useless denying the time of great turmoil: social networks are the doping of the communication and they have the power to influence the consumer quickly,” Mario Dell’Oglio, president of Camera Italiana buyer moda. “But be careful: the spread of obsessive images ‘stolen’ in and out of the fashion shows is likely to tire and to damage the whole system.”delloglioweb_4-470x330

Dell’Oglio raises for its category: “Even if the new means weaken the ability of the retailer to propose new items, the role of the buyer remains crucial. The buyer must be able to interpret the reactions on social networks and to understand which products will be successful beyond the opinions on the internet. ”

But the challenge is not just about the post catwalks, but also the organization of them. Recent news is that Gucci has chosen to give up the formula of the double parade: February 25 there was only a show, contrary to what happened so far.

Jane Reeve, CEO Camera Nazionale della Moda, 093340912-42baf657-3a37-4f96-8bf2-dfda91d473d3about the possibility that the Italian fashion find a partner such as Amazon, said : “Here, there is a respect for the quality, an almost sacred vision of fashion, which means that this remains a dream.I do not see the products of Italian fashion show for sale on a general site, including vacuum cleaners and dvd “.

What is certain, beyond the interpretations, is that the dream of fashion lately is early, perhaps too much, to become reality.



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