Max Mara: Milano Fashion Week f/w 2015-16

This season the Max Mara’s muse is Marilyn Monroe, photographed on the beach in 1962 by George Barris, wrapped only in a towel or a cardigan men. Max Mara and Marilyn Monroe, icons of classic chic, beauty and intelligence. Its retro sensuality relives the runway in the form of large collection’s signature coats kept closed by the models just like the actress in these photos: actually worn in a seductive way so as to repropose luxurious beach wraps.


And yet longuette tapered, pill adhering mesh, shiny fur-trimmed trench coats and suits in an unpublished version of pied-de-poule, spotted and check. With the added luxury of precious gold and platinum for the final outfit satin quilted.

Sweatshirts, bomber jackets, peacoats and overcoats: Marilyn’s menswear classics are reinvented in camel hair, cashmere, alpaca and quilted silk, as are her signature slip dresses, bustiers and pencil skirts. Silhouettes are shrunken or maxi-sized. The luminous colours recall the actress’ famous shoot on the beach.


Some details to summarize the collection’s spirit and main ideas:

camel, beige, sage, black, ocher, white, concrete, bare sand, pale pink, ivory, mint, aquamarine, gold, platinum

tapered, oversized, wraparound, soft

only midi

cloth, wool, cashmere, fur, leather, mesh, silk, jersey, mohair, tweed, lace, satin

sac-a-main pastel leather or pony, leather moccasins decorated with tassels, round toe pumps, clutch flat or pony skin, leather buckets, cat-eye glasses, nude pantyhose


Max Mara has always had a great respect for its origins, trying to enhance the experiences and paths that led to the foundation of the company in 1951 by Achille Maramotti and always focusing on their must-have product: the “COAT” .

That is the reason why “COATS! Max Mara, 60 years of Italian Fashion”, exciting trip across the history of Italian Fashion and through Max Mara iconic garment, was not unexpected at all.


The show was inaugurated in 2006 and hosted by the most prestigious museums in the world, including the Staatliche Museen in Berlin, the Mori Arts Center in Tokyo and the National Art Museum of China. The last stop of the show was at the State Historical Museum in Moscow: it took place on the 60th Group Anniversary, virtually crowning the celebrations and festivals in the name of an impressive fashion history.

The show deepens the Max Mara Group history and heritage with a section fully dedicated to precious coats: 70 rare models from the early 50s till today plus many beautiful photos for Max Mara advertising campaigns signed by Richard Avedon, Sarah Moon, Steven Meisel etc.. .

Every theme is analyzing a particular historical and cultural period of the company life: the beginning of the Group (in the ‘50s-‘60s), the link with publishers (‘70s), creativity (’80s), photography (’90s) and, finally in recent years, the industrial production.


Valentina Maria Fabbri


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