Do people buy luxury brands or products?

It’s been a long time that luxury brands justify their premium price underlining the importance of  intangible values ​​that lie behind a product. These concern everything that completes the product itself and makes the consumer feel unique in several aspects such as the special treatment received in the shops (cerimony), the exclusivity that is perceived in buying  iconic products and the fact that behind a product there is a designer – artist in a way. All this would seem to validate the hypothesis that luxury consumers buy first of all brands (the world behind) and then high quality products.

Until few days ago me, myself and I thought that most of luxury clients used to think this way but after the visit at the school of leather in Florence I found that often there are no clear-cut answers.
In this place one can fully breathe  the traditional craftsmanship of Tuscan leather, a true temple of Made in Italy and the highest handmade quality. Best skins are worked by real masters of leather. There is only one missing element, essential in luxury, where is the value of the brand in these products? I mean why should a customer buy a bag in Scuola del cuoio that is similar to the Cabat by Bottega Veneta? I am not saying that quality is lower but definitely there is not the value of the brand as occurs for Bottega Veneta bags. Surely not because it costs less!
The Scuola del cuoio is a huge case in which luxury customers buy highly crafted products and not brands.
Maybe because people are tired of being represented by luxury brands and start preferring the true crafted Made in Italy. Isn’t that the case? 

Let’s think over 🙂

Valerio Cataldo



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