15 Years of Furla Art Award

From 5 March to 12 April 2015, the Royal Palace of Milan hosts Growing Roots – 15 years of the Furla Prize, the exhibition of the Fondazione Furla by Chiara Bertola, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio and Yuko Hasegawa. It is sponsored by the Cultural Office of the City of Milan and made possible by the partnership between Fondazione Furla and the Royal Palace.


The retrospective GROWING ROOTS – 15 Years of the Furla Art Award is a celebratory event that revisits the ten editions of the prestigious Furla Art Award, recounting a recent chapter in Italian art history through the work of its winners. The halls of the ‘House of the Princes house the works of the 10 winners of the 10 editions of the Premio Furla: Sislej Xhafa (2000), Lara Favaretto (2001), Sissi (2002), Massimo Grimaldi (2003), Peter Roccasalva (2005), Luca Trevisani (2007), Alberto Tadiello (2009), Matthew Rubbi (2011), I smoked Chiara (2013), the duo Maria Iorio and Raphael Cuomo (2015).


The exhibition unfolds through the rooms of the Appartamento dei Principi in Palazzo Reale, which weave a dialogue between the artists’ works and reflect the multifaceted Italian art scene as it increasingly reaches out to a globalized and digitally-driven world.


Painting, sculpture, installations, video, performance, sound and color, alongside a mix of past and futuristic materials are all part of the works on display, telling both the story of the Premio Furla and of the social and cultural context from which this art has emerged.


The Fondazione Furla has decided to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Prize in Milan, Italian and international capital of contemporary creativity and important visibility platform for young talent. The exhibition, which is sponsored by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, also marks, in the year of EXPO, the birth of the collaboration between Furla Prize, the City of Milan and the Royal Palace.


“When the Premio Furla was born in 2000, was a time when the art prizes and opportunities for young artists were virtually non-existent and our project was a pioneering and visionary,” says the President of Fondazione Furla Furla and Spa Giovanna Furlanetto: “Fifteen years later, we can say that the work carried out with passion, commitment and consistency has taken deep root and bore fruit.”


“The exhibition will tell the quality and diversity of Italian art which confirms its relevance in the affirmation of differences, much needed to redefine identity in a globalized world. Painting, sculpture, installation, video, performance, design, sound, ancient and contemporary materials are the elements of the works that will be seen in the exhibition, reflecting both the Premio Furla and its history, that of the social and cultural context in which these works have had their genesis, “adds Chiara Bertola, creator and curator of the Furla Prize since its foundation.

http://www.cameramoda.it/en/associazione/news/1454/; http://www.growingrootsmilano.it/eng.html

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