When Prada meets the Cinema (and not just the “Devil”)

The Prada’s adventure started in Milan,1913, when his founder, Mario Prada, inagurated the opening of a store in the prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in the heart of the city.


Great innovator in the field of luggage, accessories and luxury goods, he used exclusively selected raw materials, processing of the highest quality and cutting-edge style; very soon he would become a strong reference point for valuables and leather accessories from all over the world.

It was not a coincidence that in 1919 Prada obtained one of the most coveted awards of the time, the official supplier of the Royal House of Italy, thus having permission to include arms and Savoy knots in their own brand.


And now, what Prada has become today?

Prada's Chief Executive Patrizio Bertelli poses with his wife, fashion designer Prada, after attending fashion show in Hong Kong

For all the decades that followed, the company maintained a traditional family-run type: the revolution occurred in 1979 when Miuccia Prada, granddaughter of Mario, gave rise to a unique partnership that reconcile commercial skills and creativity; the rapid transformation of the brand so culminated in a company with an international assett, up to the point that in 2000 Interbrand will place it in the hundred most influential brands in the world.

Then, in 2005, a very special project…

At the film festival in Berlin in 2005, Jordan Scott (Ridley Scott’s daughter) showed Thunder Perfect Mind: A film depicting the Canadian model Daria Werbowy moving through in various urban scenes (inside a disco, the back of a taxi, and around Potsdamer Platz in Berlin), and a recitation of the poem The Thunder: Perfect Mind is read as a form of narrative commentary.

A shortened version of the film was used in an advertisement for Prada with Canadian supermodel Daria Werbowy, to promote the launch of the first fragrance of the house.

In an interview with Jordan Scott, the director explains the birth of this interesting collaboration: during the first meeting with Miuccia, she was struck by her keen interest for the woman’s duplicity nature.


It was precisely this aspect to induce the director to think back to one of his favorite poems, The Thunder, Perfect Mind, which shows exactly the multiplicity of feminine character, the union of opposites.

In the film the concept of contradiction is very strong too (very dear to the director) and, above all, the great enthusiasm in order to work with his father: a unique opportunity, fabulous, a lesson constant and privileged. For Scott Miuccia Prada is much more than a simple designer, she is an intellectual, a constant source of inspiration.

prada profumo


And then, what if Prada meets the roaring 20’s?

A very recent and majestic collaboration covers the packaging for the costumes of the film The Great Gatsby (2013; The Great Gatsby) Baz Luhrmann.

In the Press Press Prada accurately describes the details of the work done together by the director and Miuccia:

“Miuccia Prada has worked with Baz Luhrmann and with the legendary costumes designer Catherine Martin to create a bespoke collection of over 40 exclusive cocktail dresses and evening wear Prada and Miu Miu, inspired by selected look of fashion show of the past 20 years.


The brilliant remake of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald set in the age of jazz has starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire. “Whether that Baz and Miuccia have always been fascinated by the search for modern forms to free classics and historical references from the constraints of the past,” explains Martin.


The costumes have a leading role in the film: evening dresses in silk shimmering, embroidered with crystals and sequins; velvet, fur and fringe dancing; darting shades of emerald, jade, topaz and gold. In the crucial scenes of the holidays, set in the sumptuous villa fairytale Gatsby, models of Prada and Miu Miu steal the show.


This collaboration perfectly embodies the constant dialogue of Prada in the worlds of fashion, art, film and architecture.

NOT FOR SITE MMS ONLY: High Res Interiors - Catherine Martin And Miuccia Prada Dress Gatsby Opening Cocktail


Valentina Maria Fabbri


Aspettando Cannes, New York si veste alla Grande Gatsby. Prada, Brooks Brothers, Tiffany, e domani Red Carpet mondiale, ANSA – INTRATTENIMENTO, New York, 30 aprile 2013.

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Prada & Il Grande Gatsby. Prada e Miu Miu annunciano la collaborazione di Miuccia Prada ai costumi de Il Grande Gatsby di Baz Luhrmann, comunicato stampa, Ufficio Stampa Prada, Milano 2012.

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